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  1. I concur that campaigns should be as open as possible, letting the users choose what they want to restrict ... or not. It's pretty damn easy to not press F2 F2 F2 F2 if that's how you want to experience the game. Given how cinematic DCS can look, frankly it is a huge loss to needlessly lock out the paying customer from experiencing everything that is going on in these complex, detailed missions that the designers spend so much time creating.
  2. I think it's safe to assume that this year's addition to this thread will be as effective as the previous years'.
  3. My strong preference is for campaigns which let you decide if a mission was successful or not. Making it back to base/friendly territory alive should be enough to continue the campaign. Having to destroy/kill every single soldier, or activate some hidden flag in order to be able to continue the campaign is frustrating and off putting (especially given some of DCS's limitations). I can tell if the result was what would be considered successful in the real world, or whether I royally messed up the mission and should re-fly it. Missions which pop up a message saying "YOU DIDN'T GET PROPER ATC CLEARANCE - MISSION FAILED!" or similar will have me instantly uninstalling the thing.
  4. I never made the connection before! I played the $%^& out of this one. Thanks for all the updates to the current campaigns, and a very, very belated thanks for this classic too. Maybe it's because of the current world situation, or the state of the sim, but my DCS has lain ignored and neglected for the past few months in favour of exploring tropical islands, mountains, and jungle grass strip STOLs in msfs. But I'm very much looking forwards to a return to a Reflected 611 Sqn.
  5. Have to agree it feels very susceptible to ground fire now. The Huey seems able to soak up many more hits and keep on truckin' . The crocodile's scales feel extremely thin at the moment.
  6. Thanks, I'll give it shot. I'd prefer to not have to do that every time I start the server though.
  7. If I run DCS and the server (openbeta) concurrently on my machine, TrackIR simply stops working. I'd like to do this to unload some of the mission workload to a different core. I think TrackIR is confused about which process it should be tracking in. As soon as I stop the server process TrackIR works normally in DCS. Has anyone else experienced this ... and hopefully found a solution? Cheers
  8. I'm betting @Taz1004might be able to come up with something, like he did with no pause briefing. Dude's a wizard.
  9. Yes, please thank the team for these AI, UI, QoL fixes. They make a huge difference! Keep 'em coming.
  10. Or enable Jester Wheel while using AIRIO.
  11. Yes, this part is particularly worrisome. Trying to formation-fly with (or even just follow) the AI can be supremely frustrating bordering on pointless. Pardonwhatnow?
  12. Ya, sorry. I meant added to DCS as a base game feature, not something that mission designers would have to script into their missions. Just hit LAlt+tab to repeat last on screen message kind of thing. I love the way you handle important radio communications. I get no joy from role playing hardcore radio operator in DCS. Frankly, tuning most of the radios is a pain in the butt, and probably significantly easier in the real aircraft than dealing with mouse (right click? left click? click and drag? top bezel? bottom bezel?) and Track IR.
  13. Even as a native English speaker I almost always pause the game (I even have it mapped on my hotas) when instructions pop up. There is usually something else requiring my attention in cockpit (or "in family" ) when the dialog appears and I need the extra time to digest and comprehend what I'm being told - not least because it often involves military acronyms, abbreviations, and jargon which takes a while for me to decipher. It would be a great addition to the base game though - a command to either pin a dialogue box on screen, or pop up the last shown dialogue a second time.
  14. Yes, thanks guys. Much appreciated. I think I will leave all enough alone until there is a really compelling reason to update. The configtime:playtime ratio for DCS is already way too high as it is.
  15. Yes, good question. I have my Virpil gear setup and working well on the version from 1 year ago. I'm wondering if it's worth the hassle of upgrading to the newest software (rename all my USB IDs etc) or should I leave it alone. Does it bring anything hassle-worthy to the table? Cheers
  16. Would it be useful to have a thread where people can dump wishlist ideas specifically for campaign and mission design; a depot of ideas, preferences, likes, and dislikes? (I wasn't able to find one in the other sub-forums) I would recommend: - No discussion of actual campaigns. Please don't call out a particular campaign for something that did not work very well, simply discuss the issue without reference to the campaign. Hopefully the moderators would remove any such posts. - No posting bugs. - No discussion of other people's suggestions - it makes the thread difficult to read and become quickly useless - just use the like button, or post "I also (dis)like this thing for this reason".
  17. Would love for this to be reconsidered/re-looked at. It makes no sense to have AI flightpaths marked all over the map, but you cannot see you own in the same way. Furthermore, it isn't consistent. Sometimes , rarely, it does show my waypoints, even without AI wingmen in the flight. Cheers
  18. Hey Daniel, Are you running VR? If not ... I'm running a 2080 also and I get decent framerates everywhere except flying over Anderson (where it sometimes drops into the 30-40s), or flying right through a smoke column. Everywhere else my frames are pretty much 60-90 without any stutter - to which I am very sensitive. There should be something you can change in your options to make it smoother.
  19. I completely understand why labels are off for this campaign, and it's almost certainly the correct decision. Agree 100% that playing with labels on would destroy all of the fun and excitement of these missions. It would be nice if the game allowed one to have the labels off by default, regardless of the user's setting, but still allow the user to turn them on if really desired - so you don't have to constantly say "I really recommend you play with labels off" kind of thing. It's just a personal niggle with me that any mission might prevent me from playing the game the way I might want to, and has been in issue with some other missions from other designers. But as I said, I totally understand it in this campaign and there is no need of them here with decent hardware / eyesight.
  20. Quick tip for changing radio frequencies: I have a (shifted) button on my joystick for setting the time acceleration to 1/3 or 1/4 which I use when having to go head's down to change frequencies. I also look down and then temporarily disable head tracking (for me, one of my mouse buttons) while monkeying about with the radio knobs. Lastly, in the huey you can flip on auto pilot to fly straight and level while messing with the radios. Mission 1 spoiler: I'm at Mission 6 now and have loved every minute of this campaign. The atmosphere is excellent; which is what I buy DLC campaigns for, to make me feel like I'm in another time and place. So many little touches add up to an extremely immersive experience. The dialogue is hilarious and very well done - even if it sounds like every DCS youtuber is on the island with me (Wags is truly great, incidentally). My sole criticism is that labels and external views of other aircraft are turned off. I personally wouldn't use labels in this particular campaign, though I do in many other missions and campaigns, but since no one can take into account every one else's hardware and physical situations, I don't think these should ever be forced off. Likewise for external views (linked to map settings I believe), I think they should always be allowed. DCS can be a beautiful cinematic experience, and being unable to watch the F-4s do their run in over the jungle canopy takes away from the experience. I wish DCS would allow you to limit F10 map icons without affecting F2 views of other aircraft. I'm not much into TGPs and stand off munitions - this kind of fly by sight and seat of your pants experience is what I enjoy in DCS and PL nailed it. Can't wait to dive back in to the next mission. This is a campaign I will definitely be revisiting again, likely multiple times. It's what the Huey has been waiting for for so many years. Excellent work! (and highly recommend firing up a 60's playlist, makes everything even better! )
  21. Also double check that it wasn't previously disabled in the Module Manager:
  22. Just to clarify, @Flappie doesn't work for ED and doesn't get paid for all the hard volunteer work he does on these forums trying to help folks. I can only take his question at honest face value, trying to see if there are any specific problems which he might happen know if they are already known/unknown/being worked on/unreported etc. Thanks for your efforts Flap! And Happy Holidays All.
  23. Awesome! Installed and ready to go. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... is going to be hot and shitty with continued hot and shitty in the afternoon. Tomorrow a chance of continued crappy with a pissy weather front coming down from the north. Basically, it's hotter than a snake's ass in a wagon rut. Can't wait! Now ... how to get rid of the family... You are able to make these excellent campaigns faster than I can finish playing them. Congrats and thanks for your hard work! Happy Holidays
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