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Pilots' notes and checklists


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1 hour ago, Reflected said:

Anyone got any good documents on operating the Mossie? Such as pilots' notes and checklists? Preferably the variant we'll get in DCS.

i’ve these:






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47 minutes ago, grafspee said:

Any info which Merlin version are we getting ?


It's also confirmed Merlin 25 here https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/mosquito/

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2 hours ago, FlyingTaco21 said:

nothing for the navigator it seems. there is pilot manual floating around but nothing really mentioning his function as bomb aimer etc 


Navigator isn’t the Bomb Aimer though…?


Seems like terms such as Navigator / Observer have been used for the Mossie second crew member.  Have also come across Special Operator where the role includes radar or radio navigation / positioning tools


For the FB.VI, I guess Navigator / Observer would be most appropriate

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