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  1. Простите, неправильно понял новость. Я подумал, что под голосовыми командами подразумевается управление игроком при помощи голоса, вопрос был о такого рода функционале.
  2. В связи с новостью о голосовых командах для Петровича и Джорджа вопрос - не планируется ли такая же функция для ведомых в звене и в целом для радиопереговоров?
  3. Су-34, Су-30 (хотя он и является лишь реликтом времен flanker'а) как минимум.
  4. Nipil


    MiG-23 itself will take some more years to complete, given how low it's on Razbam priority list. And by the time it's done, Raz is going to have it's hands full with half a dozen other projects, just ad always. So I would not expect a MiG-27 from Razbam in next 5 years or so. Still, we might (but it's still to be confirmed) get an Su-17/22 from other dev in the coming years, so it's not all bad news.
  5. 2022 and beyond video at 3:09. Nakajima Ki-43? UPD: No, it's a FW-190 with IJA livery, see a comment below by @Silver_Dragon.
  6. We need destructible trees, that's for sure. Yet I believe it's going to drastically lower performance if we had a full-blown damage model for every tree on the map. So simply destroying trees should be enough.
  7. Now imagine how technically difficult it would be to make a proper FPS out of DCS. And how poor will performance be. The engine of DCS is just not suited for this. There is a reason why there isn't a simulator of everything on the market. It's technically impossible to create one, even for giants like EA, Ubisoft and others who have billions of dollars at their disposal.
  8. Adequate AI. Without it singleplayer is pure pain.
  9. FC-3 is unlikely to recieve any new functionality, it's already written off I guess since it's old, low fidelity, and it's going to be replaced by upcoming MAC anyways. Our best hope is that ED does make future full fidelity MiG-29 right, but its release is years away from now and it's not even officially confirmed.
  10. Su-34 has been in DCS for a very long time, might be a mistake from more than 10 years ago the devs didn't bother to correct because it doesn't really affect anything.
  11. It's a really important question for me. Right now I am using it in free trial, and while external model is good and the plane itself is quite interesting and is simply iconic, the cockpit spoils the overall impression significantly. Especially the lower part of it. And the switch logic, as mentioned above, is really counterintuitive after playing all other modules.
  12. Когда планируются светящиеся палочки для ночных операций палубной команды Supercarrier'а? Печально, что об этом уже много месяцев не говорится ни слова, хотя это самая важная с практической точки зрения фича, которая еще не реализована в этом модуле.
  13. AFAIK, there is not enough data available publicly to make a full fidelity Su-34. And Russian government is highly secretive about aircraft currently in service, even those less advanced than the Fullback. At least, that's what have been answered many times to similar wishes by the devs.
  14. We don't even have proper ATC or cloud's impact on AI in an aviation sim, yet you already want resources to be directed to what basically is something completely different than a flying sim. DCS should not try to be everything at the same time, ED simply doesn't have enough resources to deliver even what they've already pledged in time they'd announced. Also, DCS as it is now is not really suited for infantry gameplay in general. This is not to say the idea itself is bad, what I mean is it would steal resources from other things which would be much more beneficial for what is first and foremost a flight sim.
  15. Before new clouds were released it was totally playable. Weather was Case III but visibility was ok for CCIP delivery.
  16. I have the same problem right now, latest 2.7.6 OB. Actually, this is not the first time a mission ended abruptly in this campaign for me, mission 4 has ended this way for no obvious reason several times for me until I was able to pass it.
  17. Update: tried this mission another day. The first time it ended in-flight in the way described above, the second time it worked ok all the way and I finally managed to pass it. Nothing like this happened in further missions. Maybe it's not linked to pressing Backspace, but rather somehow coincided with me pressing it, but mission abruptly ending is still strange.
  18. This mission requires the player to bomb ground targets visually with unguided bombs, but with thick fog concealing the ground completely, it seems impossible. Seems like the clouds update has caused this mission to not function as initially intended. I hope it would be fixed by dear devs.
  19. 2.7.6 Open Beta. Pressing Backspace button (to hide stick) causes mission to end after a few seconds (without actually hiding the stick, strangely). Retried mission 3 times. Two times this happened on different stages of startup, one time it happened in the air while flying to the British tanker. No messages were displayed. Pressing Backspace in previous missions of this campaign or in other campaigns doesn't do anything like this. My key bindings are ok. Integrity check didn't fix the problem.
  20. Q3 is nearing it's end, so I guess there are 2 possibilities now: it either comes to open Beta really soon, or... It doesn't.
  21. An-12 would be nice, if 4 engines are not too much of a problem for devs. If they are, An-26 would too be very good. Both are really old, so we might be able to have a green light for early Soviet variants of those. Of course, their American, Chinese and European counterparts are also welcome. Yet I have to doubt viability of larger aircraft than those mentioned above in DCS as it currently is. The maps are just fine for tactical aviation now, yet they are too small for aircraft like Il-76 or A-400 already, not to mention bigger ones, like C-17. After all, Globemaster has to master the globe (or a huge part of it at least 1k nm wide), not just a tiny bit of it You would barely be able to climb to a cruising altitude on our current maps while flying strategic aviation.
  22. The very first post in this thread has a link in the end.
  23. I'm playing with the latest Open Beta. 'End Mission' button doesn't work. I can only leave to game's main menu, without any progress for the campaign. This has happened 3 times in a row in the same mission. Restarting DCS didn't help. Repairing installation didn't help too.
  24. Mirage 2000 is a good option. Modern, but not nearly as complex as Hornet.
  25. At the time this is being written, DCS: Syria Map does not have a discount on Steam, while all other DCS modules scheduled for the sale do. Should we expect this to change, or there will not be sale on Steam for this map? UPD: seems like I get it now. Steam does not allow to put item on sale if its price was changed less then 30 days ago. Since Syria's price was increased on 16.06, it's not going to take part in Steam sale.
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