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  1. I observed this as well. Not only in VR, 2D as well. Left mirror lags and completely stops refreshing.
  2. Is this software still in development?
  3. Hey Reflected! Is Fear the Bones campaign already using the new SC lightsabers or do we have to wait for an update? thank you :)
  4. We cant really have better AI until the Multi-Core/Vulkan guys finish, so take a seat.
  5. "I think the sentiments of @FlankerKiller are unfortunately becoming too common amongst community members." At the end of the day, it is impossible to deny it. You might not notice it at the beginning, when you start sinking money into DCS... but sooner or later you realize... and it is already too late. "Things" are just left half baked for some mysterious reason.
  6. With Subscriptions the software would have to be bug free and feature d complete, aint paying a subscription for testing spaghetti on a single thread.
  7. @BuzyBee How is the rewrite of the exporter coming along? Can you share any ETA? Cant wait for the improved perf. ty
  8. just integrate Nims Mod and pay him.
  9. Can we get this bug fixed? it is too loud and took to long to get fixed.
  10. The current business model has finally proven bad for customers. Core mechanics has to improve "now". (more importantly AI, Dynamic Campaign, Ground Damage and better performance/VR). More and more people will realize this, all we want is a shift of focus "from creating more modules" to "improving core DCS".
  11. The sooner the better, we don't want to wait 6 years
  12. The ED tracks dont work properly almost with any module (they degrade quick). I would rely on Tacview better.
  13. Another Anton bug for the collection. Happened to me as well.
  14. After playing a bit with this option, it came to mind that the "sun flare effect" is something that servers cannot enforce ATM. This creates a situation where we mix players who use it (for added realism) and those who don't (for whatever valid reason). But, when playing in a realistic-multiplayer-environment, this creates an unbalanced gameplay. All the tactics that use the sun (like attacking from the direction of sun etc.) are rendered worthless. This is a shame, specially in WW2 scenarios where this kind of tactics was so common. The RAF pilots had an expression “beware of the hun in the sun”.
  15. It is very difficult to affirm that 442.74 onwards the performance affected the MiG... depends on too many factors, what GPU? What hardware list? What OS? What configuration?... on so on and on. "The point is M3 claims it is fixed; it is not" You are correct, the issue was never completely fixed so I expect them to fix it as soon as possible.
  16. "this was optimized to not affect visual quality, yet resulted in reduction of roughly 50% of needed video memory for all used cockpit textures. " "Performance increase may be noticed on video cards with limited VRAM space" I think the black mod only benefits people with weak graphic cards.
  17. When the mirrors dont have an effect on FPS, you are normally CPU bound, which you should not (with a 3800X CPU at normal circumstances...) -> Do you have Tacview enabled? Tacview can make you CPU bound with most complex scenarios...
  18. -MSAA to 0 -Anisotropic Filtering to x4 -Install reshade and enable SMAA and CAS Sharpener shadders HappyFPS
  19. It has nothing to do with Nvidia, the radar code is not very optimized and hammers the CPU a bit hard at low sometimes. Hopefully in the future it gets sorted out, after the Corsair is out.
  20. Thank you Phil, Dietrich and all the people who worked on the best WW2 DCS server we had.
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