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  1. That's actually really interesting. This means there's a difference in behavior between RWS and TWS, I might try the same with STT sometime and see what happens.
  2. I'm having the same issue. For me, it's in the cold start mission, works fine on hot starts.
  3. Seems to be just an issue with that training mission. Error cannot be reproduced anywhere else. Will play around more with the settings in the CPG's seat.
  4. In order for TADS video to be visible on the CPG's HDU when TADS is the selected sight, the LVL and GAIN knobs on the TEDAC must be turned up to near-max levels, which makes the TEDAC video feed too bright. Otherwise the HDU TADS video is too dim to be seen. This results in being forced to commit between using the TEDAC or the HDU to see TADS video, which should not be the case. Observed during the 30mm Gun training mission, when starting in active pause, with all displays set to night, which were the starting conditions for that mission. Steam VR mode was used.
  5. jazjar


    I think Belsimtek may have mentioned it as an OPTION for the far future.
  6. I don't know about the video... But the news articles seem to suggest it was just a border clash, that may or may not escalate to a bigger war.
  7. So will weapons be simulated after the first release? I read earlier about you receiving an email saying that you couldn't do it, but has that/will that change given that the BO is being phased out in favor of this beauty?
  8. I was listening to this classical piece the other day with a friend, and he surprised me when he said that he knew it from a movie, but didn't know where it came from. Does anyone have any ideas as to which movie it comes from?
  9. Sounds great! I'll try it.
  10. HEY! Sorry for going OT, but does anyone know a good chinese style fried rice recipe? Seriously, I've been eating out at a lot of restaurants with the family lately and would love to make it at home.
  11. Darn, you all are so lucky. I don't even have friends that want to play these sims, let alone family.
  12. Yes it is just a 2600 unfortunately, not the K version :(. But it still runs great.
  13. I upgraded my HD6770 to a GTX 770 ( + i72600@3.5ghz ) two days ago, and I can tell you that before, I had troubles going above 60 FPS. Now my problem is trying to get it below 70 :). In short, GPU upgrades are definitely worth it.
  14. What? i already though ED decided on DCS F/A-18C as the mysterious DCS: US fixed wing jet... Or am I seeing things.
  15. wait are you 33+1 or 33?
  16. ^^^ I just have to wait five more days for that.
  17. Nope, they are first looking at releasing a gunnery trainer.
  18. Dude I am sorry but I think amd cpus are just not cut out to run games like dcs world. My Intel i7 2600 running on almost itself ( the. HD6770 sucks so bad it might as well not exist) is giving reasonably smooth performance, replace that CPU and I think your issues will vanish.
  19. LOL I could learn programming and be able to help you out with that timeframe :)
  20. Well aren't we all... (although some of us are ~20 years younger though I might add!)
  21. Yeah i5 works nice. I don't think that DCS will require an i7-4000 series lol. And GTX 760 is the best option.
  22. You don't need to signifigantly upgrade the processor. Something like in Ethereal's sig, the i7-2600k ( I have non-K version ) should kick DCS's rear bad. No Haswell or 3000 needed. For safety with GFX go with Nvidia. GTX 770 is a good option there. Believe me, I made the mistake of going with the HD6770 with this rig I have now, wanting the step below a top of the line rig, and I ended up with a rig that scores 16th percentile in 3D max, runs DCS ok FPS wise when it feels like it, and won't even bother giving good performance with Arma3/Arma2.
  23. Yes it would be interesting to work in the CIC of an Arleigh Burke.
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