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  1. Can confirm this still happens after the patch from the other day. Extremely distracting at night since I can only ever put it to the corner of my FOV and is extremely bright compared to everything else. Please fix this soon ED!
  2. Is there any ETA for fixes on this? I took a break from DCS for a while but these bugs are still present as of yesterday - namely the ball being weird and the slow calls
  3. I am getting this issue on the Aerobatics Online server in the Hornet specifically. All water near the coast seems to have this issue, but it goes away as you head out to sea. Any movement on a possible fix or workaround? If I was playing on my monitor it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but the flicker messes with my Index’s reprojection causing the cockpit to jump around making the experience very uncomfortable.
  4. Still waiting on mine. But I bought mine separately so not sure if that means I need to wait longer.
  5. I have had this issue since launch. However I have only done AAR in Aerobatics Online (and saw the issue last night). Once I plug in then miss he will not stop talking. My workaround has been to set him inactive then activate once I am done tanking. I will be on there tonight so I can try to get logs (although not sure where they are - so please let me know) and upload. I also tend to have sound issues in the Tomcat in that server when there a lot of aircraft around me such as no airbrake noise, some switches won't make noise when actuated.
  6. Sweet, gotta try this. Might test out white to get that Superhornet Block II look.
  7. Thanks Nightwolf I wonder how it will feel in VR to use being left eye dominant.
  8. Out of curiosity, how does the JHMCS display information to the pilot? Is it displayed on a monocle or is projected on to the visor? I mainly ask because I am left eye dominant and the monocle is usually on the right eye (I play with VR so not sure if it will affect me). Also what sort of information is displayed? Is just a aiming cue or does it display HUD stuff when looking away from the HUD?
  9. I noticed that there is a bright green dot on the glass of the HUD in the F15 in 2.5. I found and posted in a thread from 2.0 (didn't realize the forum was split). The original post with pictures can be found here. What is shown in that thread was what I saw in VR last night. I figured because 2.0 and that forum went into legacy support I should post about the issue here.
  10. Any updates on this? Loaded up the F-15 in 2.5 last night for some fps testing in the Rift and it was still there. And really bright and annoying.
  11. I posted this over on Hoggit but figured that I should share it here as well for those who may not travel to those parts. So copy-pasted from there ----------------------------------------------------- As the Hornet is coming in the near future and I am super hyped (Been waiting like 5 years or so), I decided to get a head start at creating a control scheme for the TM Warthog throttle. I also wanted to create a printable overlay for the panel so I didn't have to guess as to which switch does what. I found a great template by John_McFly (which can be found by clicking here). His template uses Open Office Draw, but I didn't really like the program. I imported his template into Photoshop and went from there. But just a warning, I am a photoshop noob so don't expect anything fancy as far as the template goes. If you don't have photoshop I would recommend using John_McFlys template as the program is free. But if you do have photoshop (maybe you can use gimp?) you can use my mess of a template. As for the template itself, it contains a white and black panel with corresponding text. I also added a panel of the normal layout so I could guesstimate how it would look(that overlay is NOT to scale). I tried to keep the layers ordered from top to bottom to make your lives easier, but again, I am complete noob that rarely uses PS so... sorry. For printing, I would start with the white panel (with black text) to make sure you the way it looks. Here is the panel and switch mapping I made for the Hornet. It will probably change when I actually start flying the thing. The PSD with the template can be found here. Anyways hope someone else finds this useful!
  12. We are getting GPS as well right? I know the INS is being worked on currently, but unless I am interpreting it wrong, the INS knob should be set to IFA after alignment if GPS in installed. This enables AINS mode. (NATOPS A1-F18AC-NFM-000 Section for those that want to read it)
  13. I already have a hard copy of the NATOPS printed, but I would love a hard copy for the DCS Hornet. That way, everything that applies to the sim is in there and I don't have to guess as to if X feature is modeled.
  14. Nothing to add, except that I would love to see all of you suggestions. Would be a lot of fun!
  15. Tested Hands-on of the Pimax 8K IMO it looks interesting but I personally hope it kinda accelerates the big guys (Oculus, HTC/Steam) to really get this kind of stuff out out. I wanna see a few varieties of this before upgrading from my Rift. But that field of view would be awesome for DCS. Kickstarter link. At the time of posting they have already reached the $200,000 goal.
  16. And I think it would be a cool option to have. I say option because I'm not sure how it would play out in VR because of the non player controlled head movement. But I would be willing to give it a try for science lol
  17. Ah makes sense. Thanks guys!
  18. What are those panels on the side of the cockpit?
  19. Some additional information from Hoggit posted by Gyrovague
  20. Thanks Wags! I wish I could be there. I would probably ramp strike though. Every time I tried to land on the carrier in FSX I would be too low and either crash or over correct and go sailing over the wires.
  21. I think this would be cool. Or at the least, a free non-functional rear seat demo mode so I could take friends who are slightly interested in it. As well as demo DCS VR to people who know nothing of flying. Hmm, I'll raise. $500 plus (re-)purchasing the module on release.
  22. While a 172 would be cool, what I think would be really cool would be having a 172, T-45, T-38 for free as well as an RPG style campaign flight school in which you would learn to fly from the beginning all the way though to your fighter of choice. This would include: book, class, tests and flight training. All tied together to your pilot profile. Oh and it would be cool do be able to do the training with some friends as well. Less lonely. I also say T-45 and T-38 so there could be a branch path where navy bound (Hornet, Tomcats) guys go to the T-45, others go to the T-38. But before this I guess along with the DCS level versions of those aircraft we will need some overhauls like, weather (visuals and interactions with the planes), ATC, Airport fidelity(where is the signage) and a whole lot more that would never get done lol
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