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  1. I am getting 2.4Gbps with an anker USB-C cable, I am running the game from Oculus home,and I am using the standard Quest 2 resolution. I am not using the debug tool, I cant remember where it is lol.
  2. I have the Quest 2 and so far DCS is a hot mess in it, lots of micro stutter and I only get about 35fps on the ramp. I'm running it with an i7-6700k 32gig of ram, a dedicated SSD drive and a 3090 FE. I am not using the official link cable, that may be a factor.
  3. They have it on sale at the Microsoft store for $359 dollars and free shipping also. You have to be a student/teacher/military to get the discount. If you are a student they ask for a .edu email address to prove you are a student. If you are current or former military they dont ask for any proof,just your word.
  4. From what I've heard the HP Reverb is the best,but a 1080ti is the minimum requirement I think. Also it has been delayed, it was supposed to be released early this month and they have not issued a new release date.
  5. I was going to pass on the Rift S since I have a CV1, but at that price I had to order it. Ideally I wanted an HP Reverb but it would chew my 1070ti to pieces and I refuse to pay what Nvidia is charging for the 2080ti.
  6. https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories-and-monitors/consumer-electronics/ar-vr/Oculus-Rift-S-3D-virtual-reality-headset/p/78011328?gclid=CjwKCAjw8qjnBRA-EiwAaNvhwBbcExjYjyM_grzS5A8tgepxDSWlutGUwaCc_9NNxGqV8wcPuvtdzhoCfh0QAvD_BwE&CAWELAID=120030930000082428&ef_id=CjwKCAjw8qjnBRA-EiwAaNvhwBbcExjYjyM_grzS5A8tgepxDSWlutGUwaCc_9NNxGqV8wcPuvtdzhoCfh0QAvD_BwE:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!4030!3!261858689985!!!g!308063798140!&cid=us:sem|se|google|shopping|78011328&kw=&adid=261858689985&addisttype=gpla&prodsku=78011328
  7. 40 minutes away from me, I will definitely be there!!
  8. I'm on his discord and he stated that his squadron found out about the videos, I didnt pull this out of thin air!!
  9. His squadron found out so he took them down. It may be a case of they told him to take them down just to be on the safe side.
  10. I enjoyed the video big time, you need to get these guys on DCS Hornet. I know they would probably be reluctant to do it because of the "game" aspect of DCS but I think most of us would love to hear their feedback on how realistic or unrealistic the sim is. I think that it turn it would give the Devs valuable feedback on how to improve the sim.
  11. I posted this about 4 hours ago and the thread was deleted as a duplicate lol
  12. If they are 299 or less US dollars then it is a day one buy for me.
  13. Just curious, why do you own 3 sticks and 2 throttles?
  14. Perfect timing, my Saitek Pro combat pedals have sand in them and dont work smoothly anymore.
  15. I use this and bought the joystick adapter. http://www.wheelstandpro.us/saitek-flight-controllers/
  16. I am going to have to unlearn everything I thought I knew in 30 years of flight simming. My first 2 flights I went in the drink, poor power management. Yeah boys and girls, its that good!!
  17. As long as you guys keep making the study level sims I dont care what you do with FC4. Now get to work on that Viper!! Oh yeah, a whiskey or zulu model cobra would be nice also hehe!!
  18. Right now I would be happy with a cold and dark start and a takeoff training lesson, I can wait on the rest. I know there are youtube videos out there but its not the same.
  19. I'm glad to see that they have implemented the use of touch also, there is a lot of potential there. Some easy fixes I would like to see would be nomex gloves instead of the WW2 bulky leather gloves, the ability to use a rotating motion to turn knobs and a few other things. When I play games like Robo Recall and a few others its almost like having your hands in the game. In its current state DCS is more of a mouse pointer.
  20. I had the same problem, I turned off Deferred shading and BAM, works perfectly.
  21. VR drift is normal, I will say that its less noticeable in native Oculus Home games.
  22. You guys arent going to do VMFA-314 Black Knights??? I mean cmon,they fought the aliens for us. Hell even the President helped fight!!!
  23. I'm sorry to say this,but you are in the wrong field. You should be working at LucasFilms or Pixar. Awesome work!!
  24. The Harrier uses it as well as the F-15.
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