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  1. Upgraded 1 x Dedicated Server and 4 x clients to latest OB 5 hours ago and now going to revert back to previous versions to constant disconnects, crashes etc. Single player works a treat but dedicated server unusable. Broke the golden rule of waiting a week to see what others say!
  2. That's the one Flappie, thanks heaps mate
  3. Can confirm the flashing yellow graphics distortion on The Channel map across multiple computers. Happens in both multiplayer and single missions. Happens on both the screen and in the VR headsets. We run 5 x DCS computers and it's happenned since the last major update and was still an issue after the very latest hotfix. Haven't updated Nvidia drivers and don't allow windows updates to run at all. Will try the latest drivers today Flappie and report results.
  4. Concur - running the F-18 SP Mission and get "You are not authrosied to land" after the last update. Also the Cold Start and Launch Missions start you in the air. Seems an authorisation issue rather than a bug.
  5. Hey Cobra, awesome work as usual. As VR is so immersive and the pilots body is important for immersion, can you expand on the new pilots body? Will this be included for VR? Cheers Craig
  6. I know what you are saying as I am not putting down SRS at all. We are already using numerous pieces of software, reducing complexity is a plus. I for one am glad we have inbuilt chat functionality (whilst limited) and it will only get better.
  7. Cheers Scott, we got it working. We double checked everything and rebooted everything including routers and wifi accesspoints etc. In answer to the other person's question: Why do we want to use Voice Chat over SRS is because it is one less piece of software needed and it does work well. It will also only get better and we operate in house multiplayer not externally. Having the voice and internal cockpit sounds via the headset and the engine / outside sounds via external speakers is great.
  8. Scott / Bignewy, any update on this, it seems very hit and miss. As a small commercial operator of DCS World I'd like to have it working within our test store. Strangely, all configured but each client can only see it's own name on it's own simulator. * All simulators (4) have static IP's * All simulators have Voice Chat enabled * All sound options set to correct devices * The Server has Voice Chat enabled * Telnet to the server IP on port 10309 works Are we missing anything?
  9. What country are you in Thor_H? Here in NZ we have consumer rights that an item must last a realistic time frame and not just the manufactures warranty i.e. 12 months warranty is basically manufactures bollocks. You should have jumped up and down harder as one month after warranty is just crap!
  10. Nineline, will the channel map including the channel islands in any detail?
  11. I'll add to this, I've been vocal on numerous 3rd party pages about the missing pilots bodies in cockpits in VR. Sure some people don't want it, but it adds to the immersion, it is more realistic and isn't that why we use DCS because it's the most realistic military flight simulator? Razbam, ED and Heatblur, it's time to make sure there are bodies in the aircraft in VR.
  12. If you could that would be good as I noticed this little bug about 2 updates ago. Was posted under Bugs and Problems for the Spitfire here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4066759#post4066759
  13. I can confirm this bug as well since the last update. Multiple computers with the same issue. Recentrering the VR leaves the pilots head about 6" to high. Am tying to find the manual key control for lowering the centre position. Anyone know what it is?
  14. Getting this also using 2 x F-18's in Caucasus. Using Beta.
  15. I fly a YAK52 IRL and can 100% confirm you will never land a YAK52 in 300ft. Pumping the brakes is definitely the way we were taught. Also, if you fail to retract the flaps on a touch and go, you really do notice the extra drag.
  16. Now this video here really got me. wow, this will become the future of DCS one day, it will, just hope it's in our life time.
  17. Absolutely needs to be the GR4 Tornado
  18. He does make a few valid points that I am sure ED are aware of. The AI are very robotic and fly far too accurately to be realistic. And I have definitely seen AI aircraft that are skidding rather than coordinated turns. I've never been able to brake on the runway after landing like an AI aircraft does, even with air-brake out, max braking pressure and full aft deflection of the stabilisers. Is it somewhere that AI are being improved?
  19. I have a small kerosene lamp that when lit gives off a nice Avtur smell - every little bit of immersion does wonders
  20. I'll let you know once the Rift S arrives. Currently use Vive Pro with the 6dof platform due to motion compensation.
  21. Well I pre-ordered 2 x Rift S for testing and neither have arrived and tracking shows late next week :( Great to see reviews starting to come in though. One question for ED, are you able to shed some light on how long the VR optimisations are going to be as I cannot find any news on this other than it's coming.
  22. Okay, I've just updated my 3 x simulators to the latest update (30th March 2019) and one of my machines is doing the same as one of the others did a few weeks back - In that the controlls are all crossed over. ED - I have removed all axis bindings and reassigned and still get this issue. I have run a repair and still an issue. I have tried deleting and re-creating My Saved Games data but still have this issue. Last time it was uninstall, delete register keys, delete folders and do a full reinstall. Why is this happening, why is there no easy fix for the F18? This is the 2nd time on 2 different computers this has happened? It's painful. They has to be other key binding settings somewhere in DCS that can be deleted and repaired so that a full uninstall and reinstall is not needed. FRUSTRATED!!!!
  23. Wow - this really is sad. I fly the YAK52 in real lfe, would be good to be finished
  24. Thanks Rob, nothing I could do could fix this issue. I make random backups of my Saved Games and even though I copied the INPUT folder from a backup, it still didn't work. Everything was removed from axis bindings in SIM mode but would not work. I had to completely uninstall, clean registry and folders and then re-download and setup again. PAINFUL that this can happen ED. There needs to be a little more support with these types of issues. DCS crashing caused this mid flight with the F18.
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