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  1. Actually...with modern recent modules one can not actually fly in MP without. Take any monitoring program and watch your RAM usage to witness how it evaporates to 20 and above in medium stress MP scenarios.
  2. Here is the thing, I agree that OC done by an expert can benefit the system rather than shorten its life...but...most are just laymen who just try to bump up systems that shouldn't be OC or OC to the extent that it ruins them or lessen their performance. Chips, motherboards and power supplies are optimized (kind of ;) ) to work best within certain parameters within a certain interaction. When you try to take such a system beyond what it was built for you should just get hold of a different system that was built for that higher load/ capacity/ strain. If you don't and unless you are an expert it shall be very similar to taking a car and modifying it for racing with a drilled engine. It shall be able to perform better for a short while but since it was not built for that higher stress it just shall not hold it together for too long. Are power cars fun? Hell yes! But most are short lived if pushed hard and DCS pushes real hard.
  3. Sorry, but I don't get it. You OC your system in order to get more juice out of your system because replacing is with a better system is expensive...but...in doing so you're shortening your system's life which will force you to spend the same money you couldn't or more if the damage is extensive. And...all that for a few frames in a software that is as resources hungry as the half horse? I fly a few sims and none of them come even close to the DCS demands So...with the option of putting in a few grands or ruining my system I rather fly less DCS or accept lower capabilities when flying DCS. Mind you...I fly the F-16 and that module is notorious for its demands on the system.
  4. Latest news letter had that: “Improvements to DCS World core have been made and a shader compilation error that occurred when using high resolution displays has been fixed.” What’s the difference going to be when we fly? Was it updated or just fixed internally?
  5. Attached is an AutoHotkey script I use for that exact purpose. I use it with the WH HOTAS stick for the paddle (modifier) and DMS down. Modifier + DMS down short = TrackIR recenter. Modifier + DMS down long = TrackIR freeze. 1. Figure out your Y and X values for "Y Joy X" in the script through Windows setup for the button (X) and JoyID for the controller ID in your setup (Y). 2. Edit TrackIR config file so recenter equals F15 and freeze equals F16. 3. Edit script for your XJoyY values in Notepad++ > save as ".ahk" file > compile > run before you start DCS. Enjoy :) 1Joy13:: ; y Joy x , y= controller ID number in windows, x= joy button number KeyWait, 1Joy13 ; Wait for 1Joy13 to be released x := A_TimeSinceThisHotkey ; Just assigning x here, for shorter "if's" GetKeystate, Button4status, 1Joy4 if (Button4status = "D") { ; If 1Joy13 and 1Joy4 is pressed, centre or pause TrackIR if (x < 500) ; If hotkey was held for less than 0.50 seconds, 500 ms Send {F15} ; Send the key F15 else if (x > 500) ; If hotkey was held for more than 0.50 seconds, 500 ms Send {F16} ; Send the key F16 return } return
  6. There is another solution... For some reason DCS favors a 1080 monitor resolution. Be it the monitor's inherent resolution or Windows settings. Compared to a 2K or higher screens you spot at half the distance and actually see the aircraft and not a dot.
  7. Interesting post. This area invented the word "conflict" in the MW dictionary. More than that...we have specialized in fighting, all sorts of fighting, for all sorts of reasons, for thousands of years. We even know how to fight for no apparent reason or to pretend we fight when there are just reasons. You want scenarios? You don't have to invent anything ! Just open any history book...and I mean any starting from the bible...flip the pages and count to whatever number and stop. Pick the fight from that page and go fly. Next time just choose another number ;) Oh. And we never ever become friends after fights in the region. We only rest till the next fight comes along. So, please rest assured that one thing is absolute in this theater: its history can give you scenarios that aren't even imaginable, I mean for a normal human being.
  8. Amazing work! Looking forward to in cockpit fix. Well Done !!!
  9. Contrary to other answers, since, according to you, the main reason you're buying the new screen is for DCS, do not buy anything but 1080. You're buying the screen for now and not for some possible point in the future when ED shall maybe fix the visibility issue. As it is, I heavily tested my 32" 2K visibility in DCS and then I just changed the screen's resolution in windows to 1080 and...was shocked. You see other aircrafts at least twice as good, both regarding initial spotting distance and details (nose and wings position). It is that good that flying a 2K screen in an A2A human environment puts you in a HUGE disadvantage. So...although 1080 doesn't make sense in 2020, sadly, for DCS, for the forceable future, do not buy anything but.
  10. I know how it should be done but I don't know how to get the data. What I'm asking is for the following: 1. F-16 custom Helios Altimeter: air pressure and altitude DCS generic network values. 2. F-16 custom Helios Airspeed: indicated air speed and mach generic network values. Capt Zeen found the values for each digit and needle for the gauges he made. I'm looking for those that work for the gauges that come with Helios within the F-16 section. Thank you.
  11. Autopilot 3 way switch I understand the walk around you are doing and it shall work, till they fix it, but..lit's only a walk around till they fix it. More than that...the value up (switch back to the center) value is different in the two commands you wrote and overlaps other values in other states. I guess they intended value down = 1.0 to be Alt hold, value down = -1.0 to be Att hold And 0.0 to be in the middle as the value up for off. You can not have more than one value for a certain switch state in a certain category. As it is the switch is so messed up that I left it unassigned.
  12. Again, it's a bug. If you check line 291 in the default.lua in the input folder of the Falcon you will see that the off position has a down value equals 1.0 But, the two lines above it, which are two state, use 0.0 for the off position. More than that, 1.0 is taken by the Alt hold position. I tried changing Down=1.0 to 0.0 but it didn't solve it and made the off command in the UI into orange. The different options in the default.lue file connect switch movement to precoded commands and the fault lies probably there. I hope the issue is only in connecting the hardware switch with the simulated switch and not the way autopilot works.
  13. The 3 way switch is programed in the default.lua of the F-16. It is not coded properly.
  14. Autopilot 3 way switch Tried everything including a toggle switch mod with a few variations....but a no go. This switch and the Brake/ Anti-Skid/ Off switch seem to still be in development.
  15. Question: One monitorsetup.lua file for both Hornet and Falcon MFD extraction instead of changing specific modules lua names? I think the related posts were deleted.
  16. I do hope it shall be comparable to the real F16 :)
  17. Some interesting arguments here about anything but the subject. Let me clarify: the OP's equipment suggests he is quite knowledgeable regarding how the Falcon should operate with almost complete avionics. The current state of the Falcon suggests, in my opinion, it shall be a long way from there, at least in the near future. ED can decide their own definition of finished for the Falcon...but...a finished product, when there is a similar one at hand, implies to the layman, it shall be very close to full operational avionics, weapons, FM and what not. The definition used by ED, eg "feature complete", means something else. That the features they listed in its development shall be, according to them, completed by the end of 2020. Bottom line is, nobody but ED know what and how the process shall go but when you put the two exact aircrafts side by side you understand how much work there is yet to be done till they shall be even comparable, other than the way they look. One thing for certain...a lot of people are crossing their fingers for a finished DCS Falcon, me included.
  18. Correct. In certain update programs CMS left is set to default jammer program.
  19. Don't know if it8s implemented in DCS. As for the logic: 1. Programs 1-4 can be activated through 3 sub options by the CMDS mode: Manual and Semi: CMS forward activates the chosen program. Auto: CMS forward enables the chosen program to be activated by the computer when needed. 2. Program 5 is activated by the slap switch on the left of the cockpit and is a panic button. You just slap it with your left hand in RL. 3. Program 6 is a default for whatever you think you might need. Bottom line is you can have three ready to use different programs on the fly to take care of three kind of threats (such as long combined small bursts during a low attack run, another for radar missiles and another for IR).
  20. F-16C worth grabbing yet? According to ED's official announcement it shall be "feature complete by the end of 2020", not finished. What are those features and whether it will be achieved are two questions only ED knows the answer to. Either way, the DCS Falcon is a long way from being finished, truly finished. I was going to pull the trigger three weeks ago and...after flying the Hornet extensively and finding out its state after almost two years and reading a lot about the Falcon's state I decided that at this time it's not worth my money. It just doesn't even come close to another Falcon out there. Many bought it and many are content with it and it's OK. Is it the right module for someone who knows the Falcon inside and out...that I don't know. One can acquire too many bad habits from flying something with such an inaccurate FM, avionics, weapons employment and what not. It does look beautiful though. It is one product out there of the Falcon and it is highly detailed, so much more than others. Is it sold at a good price for its condition...it's for the market and the producer to decide. Remember one thing...it was a surprise ED decided to make it, after many years of avoiding it. It's up to them how accurate they want it to be and how fast. In one sim it's the primary aircraft...while in DCS it's one of several.
  21. Well...although it looks the part its condition in DCS is the same as the Hornet in BMS. With the tools you have I can think of only one parking place...
  22. Either way you can not disappoint :) Your work is very appreciated !
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