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  1. Check out these 2 videos I've just made: Instant Action #1: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instant Action #2: S!
  2. In multiplayer, on [4YA] WWII server.
  3. I have the same issue with Logitech G940 FFB stick. All aircrafts seem to behave in this manner..
  4. I can confirm that the AI seems more 'passive' and tries to 'avoid' a direct confrontation.
  5. If I were ED I would pay a lot of money to all the Servers' admins for spending resources to create missions and so on.. They only add value to the DCS World pretty much for nothing.
  6. If I may add.. if you're not being transparent towards the customer, then the latter will take that as disrespect and things like this would happen, inevitably. Nobody wins from this kind of 'situations', so I double what Rafa said. I'm also in for a subscription based DCS, where both parties would benefit from.
  7. The data collection is done by parsing the Server's log by the site back-end, probably using 'Core.Event' object methods and 'EventFunction' function calls from MOOSE.Core. I only scraped the site and used the data that already have been parsed. The server has AI's in form of bombers and a couple of wingmen available for each side. I can conclude that most of the stats are from PvP engagements, so the AI can be neglected in this case. That being said, what these data tell us is that, in case of the 30mm, every other 8th round, on average, did the kill for each pilot that hit a target and that's around 9% of ALL 30mm spent. If the damage done by the 30mm had been much higher, let's say, 1 hit/kill, then the percentage hits/kill would've have been, of course, 100%. I expect this percentage to be at least 70% to be accurate and to reflect the damage done by the shell in real life, which was close to 1 hit/kill against fighters and 2-3 hits/kill for bombers. The so called 'kill steals' would average out each other as it can be the other way around where the 30mm would still the kill from 13mm. In case of the Bf 109 and 30mm, usually the pilot would shoot the MK-108 separately from the 13mm due to the different trajectories of the rounds (bullet drop). Overall, the canon shells (both 20mm and 30mm) do seem to behave like simple bullets or to have too less 'punch'. From my own experience in online engagements, I very rarely made a kill using only one burst, on the contrary, I may say. I usually have to spend at least halve of my rounds to kill the double tailed P47 and also noticed that AI bombers are much less resistant to 30mm than any player's aircraft.
  8. The data used are obtained from the stats of ALL pilots that flew on SoW in the past 12 days (~1000). This is the purpose of the OpenBeta itself, in order for ED could collect data from the players. What more significant tests would be needed here? The Law of Large Numbers (LLN) theorem proves that the average of the results obtained performing a large number of trials approaches the expected value. In other words, the more tests you do the more the results obtained gets closer to the expected value. In conclusion. those numbers reflect quite well what's happening in the sim.
  9. Hello pilots, I made a little python scraper that grabs stats from SoW web site and spits out .csv file with all the players' guns, guns hits and gun kills from the last 12 days. I uploaded the .csv file [sow.csv] resulted after running the script, together with a picture [see below] of the total results per gun. Credits and many thanks to the owner of the site. S! I find the numbers for MK 108.. disappointing. At least 8 rounds per kill on average is a too high number to reflect the real data. I hope the devs would find these numbers as odd as I think they are, for all Guns actually, and make the proper adjustments to the DM. Feel free to comment... 10x
  10. You mean the Dora.. Yes, it used Jumo 213 engine with Beru F280 E43 sparkplugs to cope with the 1.98ATA.
  11. Thank you for your reply. I clearly remember it, when we tested the DM on ED's server right at the beginning, one or two 30mm rounds would rip off the wings and I thought to myself (that too).. "finally, we have a proper DM and a proper 30mm round to play with". Since then, the 30mm was NERFED down a lot. You absolutely don't need ANY track to test it.. it's kind of a nonsense when ED should test it and model it according to reality, in the first place. Reality says: 5 rounds weigh > 1.5kg of high explosive and in spite of that, the planes hit by them are still able to fly. Those are grenades, flying grenades.. Do you really find them properly simulated in the conditioned mentioned above? Regarding the upload files on 3rd party site, which I did, the files won't stay too long on those sites, then the devs won't see them and we have to reupload them and we all lose precious time. I do believe ED could afford a proper fileserver for these files.. I really do. Challenge accepted? S!
  12. Maybe the devs haven't seen it yet, otherwise they would've made a proper 30mm. And if ED could increase the size of the upload file (on this forum) to a XXI century value, that would be really great. I can answer sarcastically too, you know.. but that would not help anyone.
  13. When the new DM arrived the 30mm was, let's say, pretty close to what we see in the test above. After some subsequent updates the 30mm got nerfed and now it reached a point where 5 rounds are not enough to destroy any plane, unless you're somehow very lucky and hit a fuel tank with a few of them. There's a thread created with all the details where this behavior was reported to the devs, but no news on this. I hope the devs will fix it and make a proper 30mm round that was used in destroying bombers, in which, it was very efficient, as a matter of fact.
  14. What about the 30mm? Seems very weak.. You need several hits to do any significant damage, whereas only 1 should be enough to take a wing off, for example.
  15. Probably you have to change the Default camera position to Center, then you have to lean right, after folding the gunsight. On Default or Gunsight the View will follow the gunsight folding action. Is that what you wanted?
  16. Are you trolling? Because otherwise I believe you have some cognitive issues that need to be addressed. Read again the original post, then read carefully what I said in my posts. I will stop here with my posts on this thread. S!
  17. The OP was complaining of his inability to fight against AI. And i provided him with videos that he can carefully study in order to defeat it. BUT, bear in mind that fighting against the AI won't make you learn how to properly dogfight. You should fight against a human if you want to make any progress in that direction. What you provided in your video is just a bug that has nothing to do with what OP created this thread for. S!
  18. You should keep in mind that this SIMULATOR must run on our pathetic computers. It would be ideal that AI could behave exactly like a human or their FM would be exactly like the planes we're flying, but physically, it's impossible. The devs must find the perfect compromise between the game performance and the degree of 'simulation'. I find the new AI behaving more like a human than before, and it's more of a gentleman than many players online, as it won't shoot on merge anymore. Big thumbs up for the devs!
  19. If you are not able to win a 1v1 fight against any AI with ANY plane, then YOU have an issue, not the plane you're flying. That's the point you should take from my videos. AI is still.. AI. It is predictable even if he's a sniper, learn how not to put yourself into position where he can smoke you. If you don't know how to do that, then that's another story, you should learn how to dogfight PROPERLY, you must learn the flying envelope of both your plane and e/a's and always judge the energy states and visualize the geometry of the dogfight. This is how you can be successful in any type of dogfight.
  20. The OP said, and I quote: "As a player aircraft, the Anton was hopeless against an AI Mosquito… Couldn’t turn, climb, role, dive or accelerate to evade, let alone take out the Mossie. Any aggressive moves stalled and snap rolled the a/c. The only way to beat the Mossie was head first on the first pass". I proved him wrong. The other videos are just for showing off..
  21. The new AI seems more "human" in reactions, but it still can't cook the engine. I made some quick videos with various planes and AIs. The Anton can hold its ground pretty well against Ace AI. Enjoy!
  22. I think you should fly perfectly horizontal for the compass to work correctly..
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