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  1. Actually no, 530D have been retired long ago. M2000C carry only Magics as AA missiles today (and for several years now).
  2. On cold start, once Radar warm up is complete, P goes steady on VTB even though we have WOW. From the updated manual, it should blink with WOW even if Radar warm up is complete.
  3. Gero is using VR and already mentioned they will look to make it a good experience in VR
  4. You have "GUN SAFETY SWITCH" set to ARM (left vertical panel) ? It's an additional security for gun firing, you need to have it to ARM, alongside MASTER ARM, to be able to shoot with gun in AA Gun master mode, or with AG Gun (CAS) selected in AG attack mode. Gun trigger work with 'BRM' bind if you want to have one button for gun (Gun Trigger), and one for Bomb/Rocket/Missile (BRM). This is not realistic though as M2000C use a single trigger for all, called MiCRoB (stands for Missile Canon Rocket Bomb). You have a bind for MiCRoB stage 1, and MiCRoB Stage 2, latest being the one to be used for shooting.
  5. Holding up/down antenna elevation button increase elevation rate. You'd also lost that feature with an axis. It's perfect how it is now, and as mentioned I'm now using the available axis for radar gain. Thanks for the update!
  6. They even have less to say than in podcasts from last year...
  7. I think there are no planned update/fix release until the new radar code release. Dev is focused on it (and is doing an amazing job). Silly question: why would you load only 2 x 530D without Magics ?
  8. If you are talking about the VTB repeat that can be displayed in the top right corner, that's intended for simmers having external MFD. It will soon be disabled for main screen. It's not displayed IRL, as French Air Force don't have Helmet mounted display (Rafale included). It should come with Rafale F4 update though. So enjoy it while you can
  9. HJ mentioned a potential Christmas release, that would be a nice present indeed
  10. Seems to be 100ft under flying altitude when flying below 1000 ft from this BEAD report:
  11. Until you are using the Slave function, both are autonomous and could pick up different targets. As you mentioned, it works like 2 sensors, IRST and Radar. Then you can slave one to another once a lock is acquired. In the case you have 2 different locks (one IR, one Radar), i don't think slave function work though. When it's the case, most of the time i've to break one lock (IR or Radar) and then use the slave function. I don't know if it's correct behavior. Maybe as function is called Magic Slave, in the case you get 2 locks on different targets, when pressing Magic Slave, Magic seeker should break its lock and try to lock the target locked by radar. @myHelljumper: do you know if current behavior is correct, or if it's something that will be reviewed with AA radar ?
  12. For me it works as expected. AP will be in standby when I press the paddle switch (AP override) then go back to active once I release it and stick is on neutral position (and that I'm within AP activation parameters of course). AP disconnect button will turn AP off on the other end.
  13. Like it's not enough lol. You forgot L16 and several enhancements with the IHM, and RDY brings more than multitargeting. We are not all quake players. I don't play on PvP servers, I play in virtual squadron, and all you describe above will greatly enhance our operability compared to the Mirage 2000C for air to air missions.
  14. No, for the same reasons AdA upgraded their M2000C to -5F But yeah, no point of asking again and again.
  15. We might even be able to set up Serval for each mission with DTC
  16. Mirage RWR is detecting "missile shot" as well as any other plane in DCS, not sure why you'd be pissed off. It's based on Radar emission, not on having a missile in the air. DDM is indeed a MWS, and there are not that much plane in DCS having one implemented AFAIK (A-10C and JF17 ?).
  17. Just to be sure, you are not loading 530 and Mk82 together right?
  18. If you think CP/PD, they would be automatically set as he uses a landing waypoint. I have no issue with ILS approach on Kobuleti. Either it's that ILS is not activated at Kobuleti because of wind, either you are screwing your approach. You have to be in the ILS cone. But there's no bug with ILS
  19. Aside from the refuelling issue that his a very old issue, and that is indeed not fixed in latest OB, i don't have any of the issue your are describing. I can exit 530 mode without any issue after having fired all my 530, i just click on 530 PCA button (530 is not displayed anymore as all have been fired) and i'm back in navigation mode with APP mode available. No issue with ILS. As mentionned by Ramsey, ILS might not be active at your airport. You need to have strong enough wind to have the ILS activated (ED issue/feature). You can check you get ILS bars on the "Boule" No issue with unlocking target. i'm pretty sure you are speaking of DO tracks that appear when you unlock or lost lock on a target. If you don't want DO tracks to be created when your are unlocking a target, you need to unselect RDO mode on PCA. They will still appear though if you lose radar contact. To remove DO track displayed, right click on Theta button on bottom left side of VTB. No issue with selective jettison, works as expected.
  20. Thanks Witcher, i hope you will hear all of our screams when you'll push your damn OSB button in the future and that it will haunt you
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