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  1. To me, the DCS Viper feels like a RL Eagle pit, open and spacious. The real Viper pit like you have experienced isn't portrayed very well here. Oh and to remain on topic, yeah the MFDs also seem small, and no where near as bright as they should be.
  2. It isn't so much DCS, but how Windows handled the combined devices. It would combined them, but also leave individual controllers as well. So DCS would see the device twice, and create duplicate commands, etc.
  3. I'll go sit in the jet on Tuesday again, just to make sure something didn't change between the last several hundreds of jets I was in. Images are pretty accurate as well.
  4. The 370 gallon external fuel tank pylon is an assembly and only used for fuel tanks on the USAF Vipers. There is no swapping out an umbilicals “so it can carry weapons”. It is not capable of housing a mau-12 to hold weapons. The fuel tank pylon assembly goes up as a pair, comes down as a pair, jettisoned as a pair.
  5. Do you use Sync HOTAS? If so, disable and see if problem continues. Otherwise a track can help.
  6. Cursor Enable isn’t the Weapons Release button. You need Weapons Release (may say Pickle, not at PC can’t verify actual name) in order to release missiles and AG stores on the Viper. Unlike the Hornet which uses the trigger for AA and Gun.
  7. GW limitation is 42,300 for all phases of aircraft movement, including towing, taxi, take off, in-flight, and even landing.
  8. Where did the ability go that would auto switch without needing to say “Switch” to relay to SRS if no Game AI units were on radio? Under MP I have three options Broadcast Parallel (dislike because human wingman hear the call), TX Link (disliked the double click requirement), and Dynamic Switch (forced to say switch to talk via srs always). I currently have it set as dynamic switch but it doesn’t really dynamically work. I’m forced to say switch every time I open the mic just to talk via SRS. Sorry if this should be different topic, it started with the Listening Suspended fix I believe and seems linked in a way. This has really changed the way I can use Vaicom and SRS, and honestly wish the previous method was still available. Any insight will be helpful.
  9. Until we have the ability to set this from the DL page, the only method that I know that works is:
  10. You know you can try it for 2 weeks for free right?
  11. Except in my case the FCR (& 65s) cursor wasn't drifting. Only time a drift occurred was in when TGP went SOI. Took me several days of trying to solve it. Definitely didn't present itself as a cursor drift issue as only TGP drifted.
  12. IMHO it should be a Special options feature on ALL modules, not all joysticks are treated equally and they wear over time. I know this can be done, seen some neat special options from the community. Someone with a bigger brain could probably hack up something in the mean time.
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