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  1. Hi, first of all a big thank you to @Dscross & @Hammer1-1 for their tips. I will try to implement this in the FA-18C. But since we are currently on the topic of Sparrow (and I personally really like being on the road with FOX 1s in DCS) and we have had the AIM-7P since 06/08/22: do we have advantages if we use the AIM-7P in DCS? Which variant is simulated (Block I or Block II)? This was not in the changelogs. If you know if there are already posts about this in the forum, please let me know.
  2. Hi, Unfortunately too many and I would like to give a few back or sell them, because it was a total bad buy...
  3. Hi, I (finally) bought the Zone 5 Campaign (& Fear the Bones) today. Means for me: All other modules & campaigns are now irrelevant for the next few months. I've been watching videos of both campaigns on youtube for weeks now. And I don't think I will regret it. Regarding the engagement rules, I have a question: What exactly does soft deck mean? At least I can imagine Hard Deck: no fighting takes place from 500 feet and below. Is it correct?
  4. Hello@all, Is it so or am I wrong? Does Dora have a bad reputation in DCS World? Is she more or less ignored? Or am I wrong? I just think it's a shame because the Dora is, in my opinion, the best WWII module in DCS. I'm surprised that there isn't a single pay campaign for this module yet. The Kurfürst and the Anton each have one, we don't need to mention the Spitfire, there's even one for the P-47D & for the P-51D something like that. I myself have the Spitfire and the Dora. I also have a pay campaign for the Spitfire. But she just doesn't appeal to me. I would like to thank you in advance for useful contributions.
  5. Hallo, naja, damit belegst du entweder auf der Tastatur bzw. dem HOTAS mit welcher Taste du die Chaffs (zum abwehren radar gelenkter Raketen) bzw. Flares (zum ablenken IR gelenkter Raketen) ausstößt...
  6. I just watched the video about FBW and Trim. Question: If you pull such a high AOA on the F-16C (25 - 30 AOA), shouldn't the wings break at some point? Or the wing mounts? It's the same with the Mi-21 and JF-17. Or is that related to the G-forces? I'm no expert so I'm asking.
  7. Hello, I haven't watched everything yet, but the video of the F-16 landing is very informative. I'll watch the rest of the videos one by one. I am particularly interested in the subject of FBW and Trim. Btw: Are there such videos for the M2k?
  8. Hi, I haven't played this campaign in a while now. But an example of an error, 'the trucks of death' Watch from 1:06 - 2:18
  9. Hi, a little tip: If you want to know what has been changed/adjusted then have a look here: https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-f-14b-tomcat/
  10. Hi, Too bad ED doesn't care about Ultimate Argument anymore. Don't know when this campaign last received an update... and with all the changes that have been made in the meantime...
  11. Thank you for the feedback. I only have one child, but even that can be exhausting, i understand you But of course it's understandable that you don't want to revise everything again. And I really hope that Razbam finally comes to a reasonable conclusion with the Harrier.
  12. Hello, Same happened to me yesterday. I wanted to test the new AIM-7P and shoot down a Mi-26 from the digital sky. This hovered 2000ft above ground. Set TargetSize to Small, switched from LOFT to Helo. I could not lock onto the helicopter either with the radar or in any ACM mode.
  13. I am currently using a ryzen 5 1600 and would like to upgrade to a ryzen 5 5600. For me, of course, the question arises: Do you notice this difference in DCS World? Is this investment worth it? Has anyone had any experience with this? On my current computer, DCS runs on an M.2 hard drive, 48 GB DDR 4 and an Nvidia 2070 GraKa are used. I set the screen resolution to 2560x1440. VR doesn't matter to me. Since I want to invest as little money as possible in the upgrade and the ryzen 5 5600 is currently very cheap, I thought it would be a good investment. And I don't want to switch to Intel either. And don't switch to Ryzen 7 or Ryzen 9 either. I would like to thank you in advance for the factual, professional answers.
  14. Hello@all, I'm just looking into the F-5E. In the special options there is the possibility to check AI Helper at Mission Start. What exactly is behind this option?
  15. Hi, thanks for the information. This information should be in the manual of the M2k.
  16. Yes, that will take a while too. Just started this last night. I started with the KA-50 Medvedev campaign.
  17. Hi Rotorheads, I think it's great when people are so committed to a module. And also communicate that and share their knowledge. And if it still affects the Mi-24...I hope/wish that this will make it one of the best modules in DCS. Of all the modules in DCS, the Mi-24 is my favorite. Unfortunately, there is often not enough time for this. I'm happy if I can at least escape from everyday life for 1 or 2 hours one evening or the other. And with the Hin I can do that best. Currently I am in the process of adapting the free campaigns of the Mi-8 and KA-50 for the Mi-24. But work and family have priority.
  18. Finally a proper, proper manual. I don't want anything new for my beloved JF-17 at the moment.
  19. Hi, did you install the latest open beta patch? If so:
  20. Hallo, ich konnte jetzt doch nicht mehr widerstehen und entgegen meinem bisherigem Standpunkt, keine EA Produkte mehr zu kaufen, habe ich mir nun doch die 2te Ikone zu gelegt. Was für ein radikaler Unterschied zu meiner geliebten Mi-24. Und ich meine hier nicht die Avionik sonder alleine das Fluggefühl, das Handling der beiden Helis. Starten, Landen, Hovern,...mit der Mi komme ich super gut klar. Mit dem Apache ist es ein Kampf. Aber kommt ja jetzt das Wochenende, da kann ich hoffentlich ein paar Stunden üben. Und gibt ja auch schon genügend Videos in youtube wo man sich Tipps holen kann. Möchte aber hier ED für deren super gute Arbeit ein Lob aussprechen. Ich hoffe sehr das beide Helis (Mi & Apache) in den nächsten paar Monaten ordentlich vorangebracht werden. Beide machen einfach unglaublichen Spaß!!
  21. Hello, I have a question about the communication menu: On the ground I can call up the communication menu using the standard key assignment. However, as soon as I have taken off with the KA-50 it no longer works... Do I have to call up the communication menu differently in the air? But I can't imagine.
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