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  1. I saw the penguins where they are supposed to be near Port Stanley - really cool. You need to be close though.
  2. @Rick50 @FupDuck see here, page 9 of this topic
  3. Yes, please find the link on first page. (Screenshots of your livery are welcome!).
  4. Thank you @bandit648 for the detailed search and find of the cause.
  5. I tried to reproduce the sound issue, but I cannot. All fine here. r.
  6. Thanks @Arrow11 and @roobarbjapan, inspiring image and work! Glad to see the mod is used.
  7. very good initative to make an official thread with this fantastic mod. you have done significant NEW work with this mod, and I can absolutely understand the limitations you face due to locked SDK stuff - thanks very much for the detailed explanation. Anyway, keep on going, as you see so many people just enjoy the Blackhawk, and so do I. Again many thanks for sharing your impressive work with the community! r.
  8. Thank you, I just thought it might have been adressed now since in the last beta update reports they say that at least Helicopter AI can now take cargo from ships. I did not test that though.
  9. I wonder if this is a bug - I cannot get helicopter sling load ops working from moving ships: - either I place a cargo on a vessel and connect it to the naval unit in ME: cargo stays in place on moving vessel BUT will not appear in cargo Comms menu in game - or I place a cargo on a vessel and do NOT connect it to the naval unit in ME: cargo stays at ABSOLUTE position, vessels moves - cargo not (so vessel moves away from cargo), but it is available in comms menu -> both do not make sense for naval sling load ops. Do I overlook something or does anybody experience this also? Thx, r
  10. Does anyone know if 1.1 now allows any controlled sling load UNHOOK? (Can't download and check myself at the moment...)
  11. That is great news! Thanks for your work and digging. One question - does this mean you CANNOT see the sling line but you CAN see the cargo attached?
  12. Had a chance to test it yesterday - wow, what a great mod! Beautiful model, fantastic cockpit, superb flight behaviour! Thank you very very much for providing this for the comunnity! I am excited to follow further progress on this. One question though - do you plan to reduce polygons in order to save some fps in future?
  13. This is so cool. It seems you are bringing NFS (Need for speed) into DCS? VERY good idea
  14. sounds like a collision model issue...maybe too complex?
  15. The liveries are in the download package. content of folder "liveries" to be copied into your saved_games folder/liveries. see readme.
  16. new update is available: version 0.3 (updated download link on first page) - small texture corrections - fixed - crew models and crew-livery textures - added - instrument dash texture added - right rear door animation - added - open the right rear door with livery description.lua custom_args entry - added As an example, 706 livery has open door configured inside the description.lua file, custom_args entry. Can be changed easily in any MH-60 livery by uncommenting the last line in the description.lua with i.e. notepad or similar text editor.
  17. correct, currently there are no pilots in the model.
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