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Mission Editor Top User Requested Features


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  • ED Team

Dear pilots, thanks for all your help in collecting issues on the Mission Editor, now I want you guys to list the top features you would like to see for the Mission Editor.


These need to be new features only, or improvements on current features, not bugs. This thread will stay open for 7 days, at which time I will close, the clean up and submit to the team.


Thanks in advance!


PS, no discussion please, if you feel you need to discuss, open a new discussion thread.


NineLine & ED Team

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A twilight calculator or even an illumination table (sunrise, sunset, begin morning nautical twilight (BMNT) end evening nautical twilight (EENT), moon rise / set) would be helpful to be able to plan the beginning of a mission - should it be dark night, dawn or broad daylight?

Up to now you have to start the mission to test this and if it is dark, you won't know, for how long...

The sun data must be available somewhere in the background of DCS because it´s working beautifully. We are just not able to see the data.



This is an example. Enter your coordinates and get the light data for this place.

But if in DCS it was more simple and we'd get just the sun data, that would be fine and help a lot.

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Modules: MI-8, KA-50, Huey, AJS-37 Viggen, F-16, AH-64D, (OH-58D 😬)


Wishlist: MH-60 Blackhawk, Afghanistan Map


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Option to freeze time during conduct of the mission to make use of specific times of day / lighting conditions.


Sunrise/sunset times visible during mission making


Moonrise/moonset times visible during mission making


Moon phase/luminosity visible during mission making


Additional FARP object with no heightor a rearm vehicle so we can use the harrier or viggen on roadway


Saveable ship and static objects to be able to save carrier configurations


Corrected wind direction arrows for weather setting


Dust less visible over large bodies of water


Additional fog options (fog over water, or over land, fog dissipate after a given condition)


Ships with same advanced options as ground units


Plane guard option for helos for ships


Click and drag select


Undo button


Redo button

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For me;

1.)A selection box allowing us to quickly select multiple objects at once and be able to move/rotate that selection as one.

2.)An Undo and Redo feature, with appropriate hot keys.

3.)(I'm not sure if this one counts as a mission editor request) the ability to assign nations/factions to numbered or named coalitions, to quote a similar suggestion:

A better solution is to have the ability to to add, edit and remove coalitions throughout the mission design, using the mission editor. Obviously there should be a minimum of 2 coalitions present (like how it is now), and say no more than 6 (BLUFOR, REDFOR and 4 independents, be they for training, insurgents, civilians, whatever your heart desires).


For editing, it should be possible to add/remove countries as desired throughout the mission creating process, not just at the start where it's set in stone and immutable (this can be a royal pain, you set up how you want your countries, you get into mission building, decide that actually I want to include xxxx or remove yyyy but you can't make any alterations without starting all over again - fine if you notice straight away, but later on it's really annoying).

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- possibility to move 1st unit of group independently of other units in group, while keeping possibility to move group as a whole


- option to save unit loadout per mission and not globally (i often get the "misison loadout not saved" because i changed the loadout in another mission)


- mouse-over info for ordnance in loadout editor with basic information, just enough to give an idea about difference between different version of a missile or different warhead-types (it's easy to confuse maverick d/h/g/k/etc. ...)

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My personal wishlist after half a decade with DCS: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=216873

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1. Undo button!

2. Radio Transmission - set an altitude so tx isn’t blocked by terrain

3. Weather Editing (like an ability to “draw” weather into map

4. Add AAA barage fire (Baghdad 1991 tracer effect)

5. Polygon trigger zones please

6. Ability to copy paste attributes between groups (radio freqs, etc)

7. Add more coalitions

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3. Weather Editing (like an ability to “draw” weather into map [...]

4. Add AAA barage fire (Baghdad 1991 tracer effect) [...]

7. Add more coalitions

+1 although i think these go beyond the scope of this feature request.

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My personal wishlist after half a decade with DCS: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=216873

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  • Polygon lasso type tool for custom shape trigger zones.
  • Click and drag selection.
  • Undo & Redo function.
  • Ability to edit/add/remove coalitions to a mission.


Maybe not what you are looking for, but trying anyway:

  • More static buildings. So many great buildings and building types available across the maps, yet none of those are featured in the ME. Or maybe just replace existing static buildings with all the new models used. The static building models we have available are from the last century.
  • Give static buildings a 'life', so the destruction can be detected and trigger something. Will give a new life to strike and interdiction missions.

- Jack of many DCS modules, master of none.

- Personal wishlist: F-15A, F-4S Phantom II, JAS 39A Gripen, SAAB 35 Draken, F-104 Starfighter, Panavia Tornado IDS.


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Templating: The ability to have predefined groups that can be quickly placed in a MIZ, whether it be a preconfigured flight or ground units. Not having to recreate the same things over and over, especially with all of the possible options to have to change (livery, radio, loads, or even routes, times, etc) would be fantastic.

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Haven't used the mission editor very often recently so these only don't already exist AFAIK


-Have any object/unit be assigned to any country


-Multiple factions and being able to edit the relationships between factions


-Settings to move objects in the Z dimensions


-Settings to automatically populate airfields with static objects with settings for time period

(modern/WWII) and what amount of which aircraft, instead of placing them one-at-a-time


-Place moving trains on tracks


-Settings for civ traffic (how much traffic, what type i.e boats cars planes etc)


-Have every weather on every map, i.e snow, temperatures


-A tutorial, or an exhaustive up-to-date manual on the mission editor

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- basic UI to do custom kneeboard per client: option to deselect map-specific pages (aiport-data); option to easily load custom images in to add to the kneeboard


- easier and faster way to add randomization! you can do powerful randomization with scripting, but it's fairly complex. would be nice to have some simple UI features to randomize positions (unit-positions, waypoint positions, marker-positions etc.) by letting the program choose between two or more preset points. for example give and "alternate" point to every location, which onyl shows up when you select the specific position.


- allow to add markers with military symbols on the map, that would be visible in briefing and on f-10 map


- more option about visibility and fog-of-war. possibility to set a "camera helper" object, that could be viewed in f-5 view, to allow after-action analysis while having fog of war enabled (so f-5 view would not skip through enemies, but would skip through preset positions to allow a "curated" view of the battlefield


- possibility to force a unit or "camera helper" object for each side, to be shown on mission start. right now it always shows the first placed red coalition unit when you load into the mission and have only client aircraft, but no palyer aircraft. very annoying. would really need a way to specify which unit/object/place shows in the background when loading in.

for immersion and performance (since jumping arounds fills ram and makes clouds go away)

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My personal wishlist after half a decade with DCS: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=216873

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1.) Ability to save coalition presets (currently you can only save a default one, or select between ww2 and modern.)


2.) Ability to rotate groups of units altogether, rather than individual units.


3.) Ability to select and move multiple groups of units/static objects either by specifically clicking each, and/or a "box" we can drag over to select units/objects in an area.


4.) Ability to place static objects inside hangars.


5.) Ability to place static objects other than just aircraft on ships such as aircraft carriers.


6.) Ability to save groups of units and/or static objects as a single template. (Currently you need to save a map that's empty except for that, save as a static template, load that in a new mission, and then build the mission, which completely negates the entire purpose of doing this in the first place in many cases)


7.) Hidden units should be faded, not completely hidden in the ME.


8.) Documentation explaining how the various functions of the ME interact, and what they're supposed to do. (E.g. What's the difference between setting a trigger via advanced waypoint actions, the unit trigger tab, or the main trigger menu? When might you use each, can they work together, etc.)


9.) Ability to place any aircraft anywhere on the ground similarly to helicopters, without restriction.


10.) Documentation for unit specific ME functions such as the A-10's waypoint type tab. (What's the difference between enroute, descent, and terminal waypoints, what does it change, and what do the other settings do?)


11.) Updated warehouse system that can be adjusted by air/ground units "carrying" adjustable amounts of supplies, among other things.


12.) Ability to add markers on map that can be set to be viewable by unit, group, task, coalition, or all. Also a way to add/remove them via triggers in game.


13.) Rework of available tasks for units, and actions available to them. For example, the Kiowa AI currently has no ground attack or CAS option, only "escort", and as such cannot be easily tasked to engage hostile units.


14.) Ability to change unit coalition/side via trigger.


15.) A third "independent" faction, that can be set to friendly, neutral, or hostile with one or both red or blue. Potentially with expanded ROE settings.


16.) Ability to set "engagement zones" or "activation zones" for SAMs, as well as aircraft, in that an aircraft entering/that has entered but is leaving will be engaged.


17.) Ability to set "FARP Zones" that only require the supply units similar to current FARPs to function. Ideally movable, (attachable to a unit, or group)

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- "unit deteced by" trigger condition, to allow for response after unit got detected f.e. by radar


- weather presets per map to have a "realistic" starting point for further tuning. problem is obvious in NTTR where presets make no sense atm.


- option to exclude civilian traffic from a zone. traffic could just vanish upon entering the zone or ideally not enter a piece of road-network that interferes with the zone. so a small zone on a street would just completely block it at the next intersection.

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My personal wishlist after half a decade with DCS: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=216873

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I will break my post down into issues and wanted features (bolded are the features I really want):



- When placing templates if you place one you need to go back and re-select the template button to place an new template. When doing this however (lets say I had a template for Russia selected) the country will go back to the top one (USA) but with the templates from the previously selected country. Which I can now place. It should A) remember what country you where on last and B) remember which template was last selected.


- Me documentation is out of date needs updating.


- If you remove an asset pack mod such as the VPC airfield objects it will break the mission and you will be unable to open it. It will simply just open a blank screen. It would be nice if instead of this it just deleted the objects if you opened it and saved the mission.


- When going to open a mission it defaults back to the main mission folder instead of remembering where you last where. This was broken about 3ish updates ago.


- Often I will find when set to engage in zone will be overwritten the moment the mission is started if the AI network detects any hostiles at all. It'd be nice that if an engage in zone or engage unit will override all other commands so the AI don't just completely ignore what is set in their Advanced waypoint actions.


- On the Normandy map the range of temperatures you can set is incredible small opening this up to more realistic values would be nice.


- Have the wind direction markers indicate the way wind is blowing not the direction its coming from.


- Even with units set to imperial wind speed and turbulence is still in m/s


- Hide on planner not working (bug reports already exist)



Wanted features:


- Ability to ctrl + z / ctrl + v placing units or waypoints...


- Hidden units that are not fully hidden but just faded and their detection and engagement rings hidden.


- Ability too see military units on the map such as the NATO symbol fore an armored core. Additionally making this interactive so it can show information such as units present or other user imputed info would be nice (again think what arma can do here).


- Ability to set speed by entering a mach number not just having to adjust the TAS.


- Higher altitude and max visibility values for the fog in the weather editor.


- ability to drag a box around a group of units to select them and then move all of them / copy them / rotate them


- Ability to filter units by timeperiod (for example set it to show only units from 1969 to 1989)


- Effectively a second "USAF Aggressors" faction so you can have all the units on both sides.

- Would also be nice to be able to turn off select weapons even if unlimited weapons is turned on.


- Ability to drag and drop High and low pressure systems in the dynamic weather engine. And at the same time adjust their size/ intensity/ and wind.


- Interface wise I would like a way to better organize triggers, on some missions i've made i've had over 20 triggers and it can be a pain shifting your way through all of them. Like folders or a block diagram just a better way to visualize triggers and their interactions with each other.


- Ability to draw a "flot" that would show up on the F10 map so people could better see where the frontline is. That will show up in the F10 map.


- Ability to place effectively interactive markers in which you could list off A/D units near this marker. And if those units should die (through a trigger) the marker would disappear.


- Just more static objects to liven up an airbase (that obviously are not resource intensive at all). Like the VPC object pack.


- Ability to place any aircraft as "Start on ground" , already possible it just needs to be added to the aircraft option in the ME.lua


- Trigger zones that aren't just circles but maybe can be made any shape you want/ like the polygon editor in google maps where you just place vertices and it connects all of them.


-Ability to turn off Sam rings and Search area rings in the editor to de-clutter the editor in big missions.


- Expanded AI programability, for example I want to be able to tell the AI to fly to this waypoint and fly a grinder and engage anything that is infront of that grinder. Or the ability to tell them to fly NOE no just the minimum altitude they can currently fly at.


- MANY more callsigns


- Just make it easier to set up what AI aircraft will be doing, for example (kind of like in ARMA) a link tool where if two flights are linked together they will work together/ if one flight is in trouble the other will come to its aid


- Ability to set up road farps built into the base game and simplified from what the viggen can do. Have a static object called "road farp" which is like a FARP but doesn't have any 3d objects its just when within X range of this you get the ability to rearm refuel.


- Barrage fire for AAA, downtown Baghdad kinda deal (options should be burst length, time between bursts, and how big of an area the bursts will fill


This is everything I could think of right now.

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1) Unit re-spawning

2) FARP runways for A-10(example)

3) More callsigns

4) Polygonal trigger zones

5) Weather/time previewer - to see effect of moon levels and clouds

6) Nav Points built into the mission (eg STRYK, JORDN, APEX, etc on Nevada)

7) Frequency/tacan list in the briefing page

8 ) IAS for unit speed

9) Neutral coalition

10) Infantry JTAC unit

11) More Infantry units in general

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1 - ability to switch between metric and imperial measurement units on the fly.


2 - a lasso select tool that can select multiple units/groups at the same time.


3 - ctrl-Z undo functionality with a buffer a few changes deep.


4 - hotkeys for the top row, especially the focus on self, and line/ruler tools.


5 - ability to select more than one trigger zone at a time (analogous to lasso select for units)


6 - support for combined group templates of static objects and ground unit groups.


7 - perform command/goto waypoint support for ships.



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- option for AI to force external lights "off / always on / on when not in combat"


- more categories for ground vehicles and especially static objects. especially static objects need more categories to make it easier to find sth.


- delete vehicles from static objects and give the option "make static object" to the vehicle/unit


- please allow to change mission type on aircraft selection without placing the aircraft. at the moment you always need to place the wrong aircraft first. before you can change the type. very annoying.

My personal wishlist after half a decade with DCS: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=216873

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1 ) Polygon trigger zones

2 ) Undo/Redo

3 ) Unit engagement options such as burst fire with intervals (right now infantry basically shoot full auto for 2 minutes until out of ammo. Ideally a more paced, shoot a few times, take a break for 30 seconds, shoot again kind of deal would be nice so that a firefight actually lasts a while, and ability to set ammo quantity).

4 ) Blind fire for AAA guns ala Baghdad

5 ) More callsigns! (here is a link to a few thousand ideas - http://www.monitoringtimes.com/MilitaryCallsignList-APR09.pdf)

6 ) Mobile Tacan (I guess that might require an asset to be created)

7 ) Ability to export triggers to another mission

8 ) Lasso select


edit after reading some others:

9 ) Multiplayer slots at airports! Revamp the slot selection page, it is far too tedious for a 2020 software. Select airport, select airframe, optional select specific slot (map with a little red dot or something here for bonus points), done!

10) Force AI taxiway movement. Example: taxi from parking to end-of-runway inspection spot, remain there for xx minutes, take off. Or start engines, remain in parking spot for xx minutes waiting for rest of package, then taxi).

11) Force AI parking direction in pull-through spots (not changed by the wind direction or active runway)

12) Force Runway in use. Example, taxi all the way to runway xx instead of taking the nearest one.

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Additional ideas
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Most of the requests above are what I'd like, save for one I haven't seen yet.


The ability to have Static Objects be client slots. This would completely fix the parking system in DCS (especially the carrier) while giving us a great tool to use for realism and mission possibilities.


For example; I have 40 parked jets at an airfield, all static objects. A button in the ME will determine those static aircraft to be client slots. (optional as a toggle on/off) If those client slotted static aircraft are destroyed by airfield attack destroying the statics, the client slot disappears.




Matt "IceFire" Schuette

Commander In Chief United States Atlantic Command

Virtual Carrier Air Wing Eleven

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Weather in ME:

-Make clouds go lower then 1000' feet MSL all the way to 0' MSL

-Several cloud layers. 3 would be perfect.

-Introduce turbulence at high altitudes, right now turbulence is felt only at low level (<10.000'.. I think).

-Introduce wind-gusts.

- Reverse wind direction arrows, so its coming from e.g. 240deg.


Airports, Carriers & Ships (individually).

-Option for "lights always on" during mission.

-Option for "lights on between several time spans" e.g. ON:01:00 -02:00 & then ON:03:00 -04:00.


ME general:

-Ability to easily change between Metric & Imperial while in ME.

-Show distance for an Aircraft's "leg" on the FP & total distance of the FP.

-More distance measuring lines at once, not just 1.

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For triggers - we currently have the ability to use AND and OR keywords between trigger condition rows. Can parenthesis be added so we can group multiple lines of OR conditions? This way, you can then check against a number of OR conditions being true, and then still group that with other AND conditions. It would allow for more complicated trigger logic without having to use a bunch of flags.

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