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  1. Vulkan Choppers doesn't seem to run though.
  2. Exactly. All units in a combat sim share certain behaviours. Move. Fire and Move. Is this one or two states? I have not written an entire AI, but I did get a finite state machine working in python just to see how a simple, single-state AI might work. It becomes tricky when you want them to be in two states at once. I believe the obvious solution for this is to use queues, but I did not get that far. If you recall The Sims, this was a clever AI that managed a queue of needs for each AI. I don't know how much the AI tech has changed since then, but the problems remain the same. Review state changes and decision trees. Look for ways to add randomness to decisions that would provide variety and seem realistic. Take a replace-ability approach so the community can plug in their own AI "flavours", perhaps. These might be tasks on someone's plan.
  3. Jaggy? Yes, but also 100 fps with high terrain textures on Syria Map. How far we have come.
  4. On the subject of improved AI, I have been testing with Skill set to Random for my AI's lately. No observations yet, but the goal is to find out if their behaviour is at all random. I believe, IMHO, that an AI that is surprising and clever at times, that doesn't do the same thing each mission, would be more valuable than an attempt to create the holy grail of the dynamic campaign. A better AI would make ALL existing content (missions and campaigns) suddenly fun to play again. I reviewed the MOOSE framework, but I believe the correct approach is to add enough randomness to their behaviour such that the AI is at least not so predictable. I don't know if simply setting the skill level to Random will achieve this result. Anyway, I would love to have a discussion on this issue.
  5. I ran these settings butter smooth in my G2 today (minus Vsync). Nvidia Control Panel FXAA=ON, everything else on defaults. If anyone wouldn't mind benchmarking them, please ignore the odd jaggy and report on frame rates. Thx. Edit: these are a better set. I can hit 60fps on Syria map consistently.
  6. FXAA does. It is a post processing AA that is applied in the GPU, not by the game rendering pipeline. It's my GOTO for VR in all my sims now.
  7. VR is great, but it is not a sharp as 2D. Flying seems more accurate because it's easier to judge heights and distances. The biggest immersion boost for me was getting a good set of rudder pedals (Virpil Classic). This puts the whole body into the action. I still fly 2D for mission building and testing. I use VR to forget the world exists.
  8. Try these settings with FXAA = ON in the Nvidia Control Panel. I have SteamVR set to 100% with no motion smoothing. The key here is to run high resolution with high textures so very little AA is required.
  9. You may have to trick them because they will agro on any spotted enemies in range. Make enemy units invisible for certain waypoints until you want them to be "spotted". The AI should follow their tasks unless they spot some food.
  10. I've been flying my G2 in combat now, and I can share my setup I have the 3080Ti with an i7 11gen and 32GB RAM. 100% in SteamVR with Motion Repro ON. In game resolution set to 3480x2160 (my desktop resolution is 1920x1080). Only one monitor connected. No Nvidia Control Panel changes required. The key to running this resolution is to lower the settings in game to give you the highest FPS. I turn terrain shadows OFF, terrain textures LOW, View Range low, MSAA x4, no SSAA, no SSAO, no SSLR, AF 16x. It's working perfectly for me. I hope this helps.
  11. I've been lurking there for the last week. I went through all of Sven's old documentation and YT videos. Got distracted by the WWise certification courses. I'm testing out the OP Snowplow mission from AppEvangelist to get a feel for what MOOSE can do. Now I'm thinking of ways I can help...
  12. Syria Map uses the most VRAM of all the DCS maps. If your 1080 is the Ti with 12GB of VRAM, then with the HIGH terrain textures you can approach the dedicated vram limit of your card. Add a carrier group which is about 1GB, and you are swapping VRAM from dedicated to shared. Try the Low terrain textures, and try a simpler multiplayer mission. Watch the consumption of VRAM in the Task Manager. I hope this helps.
  13. Thanks for the reminder, and thanks for the great work! I can write software in my sleep, and I'm retired and in need of a project. I'll try not to annoy anyone. Cheers!
  14. The Viper is a thing of beauty and my favourite aircraft. Don't worry about early access because each release is rock solid IMHO. You will love it!
  15. This may be along shot, but the latest Nvidia drivers were a bit unstable for me until I did a Restore Defaults on the main 3D Settings Tab (not the DCS tab) in the Nvidia control panel.
  16. Got my 3080Ti and HP G2 working quite well now. I still need to get new glasses made that will fit inside the headset, but for now an old pair of reading glasses is getting the job done. I fly at 4k in game with SSAA, MSAA, and Anisotropic filtering OFF. Now all I want to do is fly the Syria Instant Action mission in the F-16 and pretend Colt-1 is a refuelling tanker. LOL! Awesome stuff!
  17. Agreed. They don't have damage modeling, destructive environment, all the combat bells and whistles. It seems like it's easier to port from the FSX, P3D, and even the XP world. I see they have a Google maps add-on for it now. Lots of innovation coming to the flight sim world.
  18. Yep, we're over in this section to dream the future...
  19. I can see how they might make it possible to fly anywhere in the world, but launch into "AO maps" for combat. Or ED could just port their mods to MSFS like IndiaFoxTecho and make tons of cash.
  20. I love my F-16! I took this massive 20 year break from flight sims, and stepping back into that cockpit felt marvelous. Thank you thank you thank you ED! I love to just fly around. I am sure this sim saved my life during this horrible pandemic. Again, thanks ED.
  21. Okay, I turned 60 this year, so I better not wait. I found a nice 3080Ti in a custom build from newegg. Should be lighting the fires by Christmas. Vroom VRoom
  22. Thanks for the heads up. I have my eyes on the 3080Ti for next spring, and there is that other sim that is looking so good now that may be playable on my 1080Ti.
  23. Yep, I can crank everything up in 2d and get 40ish fps at 4k, but at 1080p i can make it fly. Right now 2d is awesome, so if VR doesn't quite thrill me I can always go back. Cheers!
  24. @speed-of-heat Thanks for all this hard work! My HP G2 is arriving on Wednesday. I've been tuning my system (I7-7700, 1080Ti) to run above 90fps based on your suggestions. I can get 90fps (2D) on the runway at Beirut on the Syria map and easily 120fps in other spots. Not bad for oldish hardware.
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