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  1. What do you mean its engines burned Bunker-C before :D
  2. For those reading here wondering how tf you get that silicone stuff off ever again: cleaner's solvent (benzene?) works wonders. Rubbing alcohol should work, too. Also good to de-grease contacts on PCI-E cards, or the (flat!!) pads on CPUs if you accidentally touched them. Only if they are really flat of course, if they are those spring-y tings they'll be ****ed up immediately. Been there, done that, it's not fun. That kills the socket.
  3. It's Digital Combat Simulator, not coffee with in-laws simulator. War is by design unfair and unbalanced, unless both sides do it wrong. MP gameplay balance is not a consideration here. In a simulator, real-world data and capabilities are what makes a feature, and after that available (read: funded) dev time. If the simulator sucks you'll have to ask God for a universe reboot (or not play the game, ahem, simulator). It seems like either the A-10 cannot carry those munitions, or there is not enough time on EDs end to properly implement the feature. Alas, it is not there.
  4. "The world is stochastic!" --my stats prof
  5. Not your target demographic, just wanted to wish you much fun and success :3
  6. I'm pretty surprised that there's still so much interest in this. As the guy who made the youtube video on it* I see this as a neat and fun trick to do and, first of all, a good exercise on how to use the CDU. Nothing more, nothing less. *(not that that gives me any authority, there are so many people who know so much more than me)
  7. @cichlidfan: It's 9:20 AM here, and after due processing time I now have that big grin on my face, too. Well done, WBK!
  8. Re the video in #18: That guy has a weird climbing style. It seems like he often has his arms extended and swings his body around his hands... resulting in funny center of gravity movements and balancing. The second video was much more relaxing to watch. Edit: I figured that that's probably due to the position of the helmet camera. It sits considerably above his eyes, changing the perspective enough to make me uneasy.
  9. If I were them, I'd be bummed to climb all that way back down. Bring a 'chute and cut an hour or three off that descent, if all those wires leave enough room for that.
  10. Nirvi: Thanks for #3. That was plain beautiful.
  11. ...and he ain't gonna fly no more :music_whistling:
  12. OP plz. -------€ (fire? where?) :D
  13. Standby. Final Edit: #9 f it is: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=82657 Sorry, I did remember that thread slightly different. .
  14. I once had a similar question about the canopy actuators. One follow-up suggested to try to drain the battery by opening and closing it repeatedly...
  15. @Skate: That looks ergonomically stressing as 'uck. Now, it's the military, but if they do eight hour training events in there, jeez. BTW, no TIR. That's a whole new level.
  16. Isn't that from the integration of the force over distance? Mathemagical, but not arbitrary IMHO. Now my High School AP course ends there, so I don't know how I'd be able to scale out a constant (it's there for a reason).
  17. Now that you mention it... I remember the missile looking somewhat differently. But I had the concept of a general lack of information about the TOW from the BW in mind. Anyways, at least the link wasn't useless. Glad you like it :)
  18. Some time ago, some images of the TOW were needed. I don't know if that's still true, but here's one: http://www.strategypage.com/gallery/images/tow-08-2014.jpg (I like the site for its daily images)
  19. Yeah. Think about where you want to put it while simming. Placing it badly can royally mess with your tendons and joints (*) if you maintain that over days/weeks. I found the joystick too tall to simply place in front of me on the desk (muscles get tired holding the arm up, leading to fatigue) and the throttle position was not good, either. Figure out where you need the devices located relative to you and only then go hunt for something to make that happen. Maybe your chair allows you to add some structure to it, or you have a keyboard tray that you can try. If not, check the link in my signature. For the throttle, I found a little wood box (approx 40 cm tall), added some screw-on wheels and had a mobile, perfectly-sized stand. Don't get too hung up on "that perfect place" where you think it should stand, because that's likely not comfortable. Don't be afraid to try something else if you feel weird or uncomfortable during (or after!) simming. (*) This is true for all things computer, not only simming and the TM:W. I had to take a three-week break from simming because I ignored all this and ignored the cramps ("see, I can just shake the arm and it's good again!" Don't do that to yourself). Heh this post sounds like it's written by a priest or something, but maybe it saves you from my mistakes. Happy flying!
  20. Easy as can be. Is there more to it than making them reflective? I'd hate to have nobody thinking of that and someone with a can of high albedo spay paint laughing his ass off as he upgrades the inventory xD
  21. Could it be that we mean different things with the term 'first stage'? I don't understand this idea, to be honest. The first stage is the big rocket engine that is continuously burning, and continues its ascend. The other part is something that does not produce thrust before being jettisoned, as it originates from the top of the missile. The smaller motor quickly fizzles out. If the first stage was dumped, wouldn't there need to be another rocket booster? Anyways, thanks for all the input!
  22. Another thing is that language which resembles Urban's dictionary oftentimes leads to gradual and almost imperceptive (imperceivable? iDunno) shifts in the communicated content. This is far worse on other Teamspeak servers, but might or might not contribute to OPs request. And not only is there nothing wrong with that, but it is also considerate and responsible. Been there, done that x2, and it's a peepton of work even for a smallish group. For the situation that I picture Fakum in, it is just remotely helpful but effective at "guiding" the discussion.
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