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  1. DCS: Wish List - ED Forums
  2. AI assigned to spawn "takeoff from runway" will do so on single player, but on multiplayer they spawn from the ramp parking instead. Attempted on multiple maps with same result.
  3. If he sees your server, and can join, but gets returned to server list when trying to load into your server...something may be delaying his connection and DCS sometimes boots those that take too long to load in. In this case try with very light mission, something with a small file size, you can test it by simply making a small mission with two client airplanes on the mission editor and nothing else and see if he can join that mission. Then you can try heavier missions.
  4. Requesting to change Cuba to numeric callsigns like seen on Russia, Yugoslavia, Ossetia, etc...instead of the current name callsigns. Thanks !
  5. Is it just me, or is the MiG-29G excessively aggressive on pitch? I use the same control profile I use on the A and S models and the G model behaves significantly different. I assume some in-game characteristics have been neglected in the G model while the more common A model has received more upkeep after the introduction of the newer flight model? Anyone else experiencing the same?
  6. Harness/seat belts missing texture within cockpit view in Open Beta version
  7. Liveries will not show on mission editor or rearm window in Open Beta version
  8. When the Stennis was released, we were able to also select the out of 4 parking spots on the ramp to spawn on from the mission editor. They removed it in an update right after they announced the super carrier for the first time. Also, since then, static aircraft placed on a moving carrier don't show, if I browse for them with F12 all I see is some partial model dragging across the ocean floor. I'm referring with the Stennis, not the Carl Vinson. And the Kuznetsov used to have space for 4 aircraft plus helicopters had their own spawn points, but they reduced it down to 3 aircraft spots. If 3 aircraft occupy the Kuznetsov, helicopters now must wait for aircraft to take off to be able to spawn. So the announcement of the super carrier has just degraded the current carriers we have, not sure if it's just bugs...or free carriers got nerfed to entice people to buy the super carrier mod.
  9. Not sure if to consider this a bug, or just the pilot's having a heat stroke. But if you set the mission temperature 41 degrees or higher, the pilot passes out. :lol: In other words, don't fly your JF17 in the hot Persian gulf and Nevada summers.
  10. Yeah it would be nice if the radio volume could be lowered for the Su-25T and all flaming cliffs aircraft. The repetitive ATC gets annoying.
  11. In basic terms, the radar is not used to guide the missile. The radar is only there to help the pilot locate a possible target. The AIM-9 missile only uses heat from the sun or airplane exhaust to guide and track itself to the target. Some people call it heat seeking missiles for this reason. Different versions of the AIM-9 have different capabilities, in the case of the AIM-9P it can only track a target looking from the rear (rear aspect). The AIM-9P5 / AIM-9M / AIM-9X can detect and track a target's heat when you approach it at any angle.
  12. Welcome back! No worries that the sale is over, because paying full price will allow you to support the developers more for their hard work on these wonderful aircrafts that they bring to us. Hope to see you in the skies!
  13. I noticed on the current release of the stable version, Su-25 navigation lights cast a shadow on the ground like if they were objects. I noticed it in the Gulf and Normandy maps, haven't tested on other maps.
  14. After a few different attempts, me and some others noticed that clients not owners of the CEII can't hear the engine sounds in a multiplayer server. They (clients that didn't purchase CEII) only hear the wind past the aircraft when the aircraft is moving.
  15. Buen video, recomiendo este mensaje a todos.
  16. Thanks for adding Cuba to the country list! Right now Cuba is using the NATO method of call-signs, and although calling Cuban groups "Chevy 5-7" sounds tempting I believe it would be more proper if Cuba used the "Russian" method of call-sign assignments on the mission editor.
  17. Every time someone demands a release, another 2 weeks are added! :P
  18. Once you've been here long enough you will get used to it, never expect a module when you think it will be first released. I usually expect it a month or two after the date they publish for release...one extreme was the F18, 2 or 3 years ago they were pushing hard for a release by a new years and it still took years to actually finish. It's like baking a cake, it usually needs more time in the oven than everyone thinks :thumbup: For those flying the stable version, add another 1 or 2 months on top of that. I just accept the fact and enjoy flying what great modules we already have until I open up DCS one day and "SURPRISE it's here!"
  19. Pre-ordering saves me 20%, that's hardly pointless. :smilewink:
  20. My work around so far at a random ship in mission is if you aim directly at a ship within 9 miles or less the missile will impact the ship. They won't lock on to the ship, so you must aim directly at ship.
  21. The less problematic thing would be to let the Hawk owners use the Hawk. If you don't like the Hawk, that's a personal issue and you should have done your homework before compulsively buying it. If ED is going to simply take it away, that would be wrong in my opinion. At least give the owners some options because there are plenty of Hawk owners that simply enjoy the Hawk for what it is without joining to the unproductive bickering often seen in posts here.
  22. Iberian


    When the Hawk was first released, it had an option to load 3x mk82, but eventually it was replaced with just the single bomb with updates.
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