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  1. That's the best part of a solid simulation, tactics to win are not part of the simulation, the decisions you form in your head are the real deal.
  2. One thing to be aware of, if you use a VR headset, depending on your card, it may run the second HDMI with only half the frames to your TV.
  3. Tried with an O+, PD to .8 able to put MSAA on 2, SteamVR set to 212%, makes up for the loss of quality, and most important has eliminated all my game crashes. It would crash consistently whenever changing modules and randomly once in a while during a sortie. Just flew the longest session sampling various freebies without any problems, mostly over Vegas, even in a lightning storm. Much smoother, not quite as sharp an image in or out of the pit, but the difference is very subtle. Vegas was doable, but not a very pleasant experience with PD previously 1.2 and Steams SS slider at 100%. Feels more like flying. Using a 2070Super, 6700K @4.8, 16 x 4100mhz.
  4. Do you have the base game installed? Once installed, fire it up, it will automatically offer you a list of all available trial modules, you check the ones you want to try, and select restart. Game shuts down and downloads automatically, upon restart go to your installed modules section and select activate, game will restart again and your modules are up and ready.
  5. C-101, amazing how much equipment is crammed in there for functional training, the ultimate lead in trainer in the DCS world. Outstanding in VR for a steam gauge equipped pit. Would have never looked twice, now I'm going to grab two. Have two machines, and need a trainer, already have the L-39, but this one blows it away with western avionics and weapons delivery systems. Seems to have better pep for delivering gifts too. Visibility from the rear seat to front is incredibly good for a twin. When multicrew gets sorted this little jet shall shine.
  6. From what I remember back on the A models, extended power on the ground required aux air for cooling, external air source had to be hooked up to cool electronic bays for extended ground ops checks, they're normally dependent on ram air for cooling, only get that in flight.
  7. Back in the 70's and 80's some of the AF barriers were nothing more than a cable attached to two enormous ship anchor type chains laid out in the dirt besides the runway. They needed the extra room because the intent was to use the dragging chains to decelerate the jet. Didn't work so hot, was very prone to unbalanced forces, tending to turn jets sideways, not ending well for the airframe.
  8. If you want to do anything with instruments, the Yak, Eagle is a pure hot rod for fun only. If you want to land on top of the hollow rectangle in Dubai, the Eagle.
  9. Crewed on trash haulers back in the day, C-141's and after retooled into antique C-130A's and B's, so not much interested in a PC version as a flyable sim. Too great a disconnect in my case, PC can't ever mimic a live flight crew, and most of the action takes place on the ground any way. But that said the mission profiles and what these types can bring to the table as part of a dynamic world or campaign is just too damn good not to develop. It's a whole other world of Air War operations with far greater variety and depth than fighters will ever have.
  10. Could be a room lighting issue, certain headsets are sensitive to the lighting conditions, and drop the 6 DOF to 3 way fixed view if the lighting causes tracking failure.
  11. Now that we have the night light right.... Be kind of handy to make a radio call and have a C-130 overhead kick a huge one out. Or ground units shoot one up to mark an LZ. Door gunners chunking them out as required.
  12. Flight simmings never been better, keep kicking it out, great job.
  13. They do exactly that on occasion over a weekend, but it will be one select module.
  14. Don't think it would ever work since there's to many different spec HMD's already on the market and in use. Hence the presence of a world scale slider and a utility to correct the projection numbers.
  15. Might be wiser to ask for more and upgraded AI cargo/ Tac airdrop capable birds integrated into their new dynamic campaign first. Give them a proper role in the sim first, and someone will build them very soon after. I'd like to see the C-130 types updated with animated paratroops, correctly functioning ramps, combat offloads, platform extracted airdrops, and LAPES (low altitude parachute extraction system). Of course a proper rescue bird with FULTON recovery ability for both satellite data cards and bad guys in orange jump suits with refueling, gunships, MOAB delivery, HALO, and drone launch ability. Nice start for AI, make for some proper spec ops missions using all our current and up coming Helicopters and Mud movers. Than they're a real cog in the machine and take a proper role in your missions and overall make the war truly dynamic.
  16. An SLR or G-3 and a pack of running piggies on the ground wouldn't break my heart none. Shoot the beef and than sling it home for BBQ at the billets.
  17. Might need a coherent market first to sell it to.
  18. Just did my first start up and sortie, its a nice ride, currently the ugly stepsister inside, but with a major facelift on the way could see spending lots of time in it. Doesn't seem all that deep systems wise, but not simple either, weapons requires some study, flying parts easy with quality flight time already in a huey.
  19. Look on the plus side, these last few releases have really raised the bar in fidelity and quality. There's plenty of SME's for them with great published information, as the sim building steam roller gets its gears in full motion we should end up with far higher quality early gen builds as a result. Success on one end normally transmits to the other. From my viewpoint the frequency of releases has really picked up steam, thinking we're on the hi side of complexity, there's a great chance the gravy days are coming for the early stuff as a flood. We'll soon see it in how WWII kicks off with a proper map or two with a couple more airframes.
  20. Wouldn't happen to have any other controllers hooked up, like a steering wheel that's hooked an axis automatically in your settings? Quite common, if they hiccup or jitter, they will take over the axis for a bit at their current position, until you wrestle it back.
  21. https://www.windowscentral.com/samsung-odyssey-heavily-discounted-amid-rumors-new-headset
  22. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/ This comes in handy if you wish to do a pure component to component comparison, get a rough idea how they stack up against each other.
  23. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/500/#1510447 Read this
  24. https://www.91mobiles.com/hub/samsung-next-oddessy-headset-design-patent-cnipa/ Possible follow on sighting for O+? O++?
  25. The Hornet with carrier package is also a great deal, figure 24 for the carrier, you walk with a 40 hornet. Or figure it this way, throw in a carrier for five bucks above the Hornets current sale price.
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