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Gun Sight Inaccuracy ?

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I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, if its a bug, or its by design, or if the real F86 was set up this way.


In DCS in the F86 flying straight and level at 1G when the A4 gun sight is mechanically caged if i fire my guns i see the tracers pass approximately 8-10 mils below the center dot of the reticle.

As i understand it when the sight is mechanically caged it ranges the sight down to 600ft as shown by the range dial, so the reticle should be depressed to cross the paths of the projectiles at at this range 600ft. So when looking through the sight you would see the tracers coming up to the center dot, pass through it, above it and then fall away at longer ranges. As i see it the sight reticle is set too high and the tracers never come up to the center dot and are always below.


I have noticed a similar problem with the Gyro/radar gun sight too. For example if i fly 300-400 yards behind a Mig (a simple mission i made to test this) either matching his speed or with some closure, if i put the center dot on his tail pipe and fire i always see my tracers pass a couple of feet below him and observe no impacts, if i place my center dot on the top of his rudder/elevator and fire i see my tracers hit just above his tail pipe and observe impacts/hit flashes. again its as through the reticle is set too high in this case by 3-4 mils approximately. The results are the same if i electrically cage the sight.


If in the above test i switch to the rocket sight with 0 mils depression and place the center dot on the Migs tail pipe i see my tracers hitting in this area and observe impacts/hit flashes. This is also what i use when shooting ground targets as using the mech cage sight (as per quick manual instructions) causes the rounds to strike the ground in front of the target and obscures it with dust etc and is very wasteful of ammunition, but using the rocket sight at 0 mils depression (or maybe 2-3mils if you prefer to shoot from a bit further out) is very accurate for GA.


Like i say i'm not sure if this is a bug or if its intended to be this way or if its how real F86 had its A4 and guns set up.


If anyone could comment or advise on this i would be grateful or if BST are aware if its a bug or a feature?


Many thanks Hub S!

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There's a mod that fixes it but it'll break IC:




I think it fixes it by changing one value:


The original F-86 Lua has:


tbl.azimuth_initial = tbl.azimuth_initial or 0

tbl.elevation_initial = tbl.elevation_initial or 0


The mod changes that to:


tbl.azimuth_initial = tbl.azimuth_initial or 0

tbl.elevation_initial = tbl.elevation_initial or 0.2


Hopefully now that the guns are being looked at generally that ED can take a look at this as it's been out there for a good while now. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be but it would be strange so worth somebody on ED side having a look into it. It would be a very quick, simple fix.

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In a slight turn with the uncaged radar pipper on target, bullets fall short. If I put the pipper on the canopy the bullets impact at the tail or fall behind.


Overall the sight in DCS also seems a bit more sensitive/jittery and unstable than it should.

The uncaged sight ofc. needs time to "settle down", but I would expect the movement of the sight to be more dampened and fluid.


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