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Red Flag - Aggressor PvP April

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Red Flag Aggressor PvP - April

29th of April 1800z




The 104th present RED FLAG PvP


29th of April 1800z: Official battle

DCS theatre: Caucasus

Battle duration: 2 hours - One life per pilot

Open slots (Challenger side): 36 - first come first served

Hosting server: 104th Dedicated Server

TeamSpeak Address:

TeamSpeak password: phoenix



As in our previous Red Flag PvP events, the fight will consist of an air to air Aggressor force this time consisting of 18 pilots, facing off against against 36 strong air to air Challenger force!


This will also include 6 Air to Ground Striker slots!


This round will feature Restricted Weapons using only SARH, there will be NO AMRAAM or R-77 available!










Sign up is open to Squadrons and lone-wolfs, however, there is a quota of 4 slots for any one squadron for the Challenger side. Squadrons can substitute pilots half way through the 3 hour mission, providing they still have pilots alive. This way a Squadron may enter more than 4 pilots however only 4 may fly at any one time!


Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis and we will operate a reserve list for the event of pilots not showing on the night.





The RF format will feature Air to Ground objectives for the Challenger side as well as a NO FLY ZONE for the Aggressor side.


The Aggressor side starts at Mozdok Airbase and is protected by an SA-11 System at the airbase, complimented by SA-15 Tor cover and SA-13 Strela cover.


The Challenger side starts at Tbilisi and is protected by the NO FLY ZONE, giving Challenger pilots time to co-ordinate their strike package without being ambushed close to Tbilisi.


Mission Overview




Target Area and Bullsye



Aggressor Air Defence and AWAC Orbit









  • Protect Red Ground assets at Beslan




  • Destroy Ground Targets at Beslan

  • Eliminate Aggressor Fighter Aircraft (no points for killing AWACS)








There will be 2 GCI slots on each side.


The GCI Operators must be chosen before the event starts on Teamspeak by their coalition, these operators cannot fly an aircraft once they start their GCI roles.


For this round you cannot sign up as ONLY GCI, you must also select an aircraft to take part however future events may be open to GCI only sign ups.


GCI services will be provided via AWACS uplink, these AWACS aircraft are not eligible to be targetted and will be set on immortal for this event.





The Ping Limit for the event will be set to 330. All client connections to the event server will be monitored in real time during the event. Any client who's connection becomes unstable will be removed without warning, and only be able to rejoin upon approval from an admin.

We also reserve the right to remove or not allow a client to take part who has packet loss to our server.




Aircraft Available







Mirage 2000







All aircraft are to use DEFAULT PAYLOADS! Any client caught carrying non default weapons or default weapons that have been modified will be disqualified from the event.


This round is SARH only!


Weapons available are Aim7, Aim9, R-27R & R-27T


There are NO restrictions on Mirage 2000 weapons.


There will be NO Cluster bombs available for Air to Ground Aircraft for this event!








To enter you must post in the following format with your DCS Callsign, Squadron Represented or Lone Wolf, Nationality and Aircraft requested! Sign ups are only available for the Challenger side as the Aggressor pilots will be chosen by the 104th Command Staff.





104th Phoenix










Aggressor Roster


1. 104th_Spade

2. 104th_Knight

3. 104th_Mustang

4. 104th_Blackbird

5. 104th_Blaze

6. 104th_Stuge

7. 104th_Presing

8. 104th_Deboman

9. 104cdt_Tiger

10. 104cdt_Dozer

11. 51st_Breakshot

12. 51st_Frostie

13. 51st_Rage

14. 51st_Teknetinium

15. 51st_Scarface




Challenger Roster


1. =238.lbae=Falcon

2. Veritech

3. WinchesterDelta1

4. Hellrequiem

5. Rabb

6. =238.lbae=Gruja

7. Wolfman_ARG

8. MicroVAX

9. Croncat

10. Batz

11. rogonaut

12. YAGA

13. Coxy_99

14. Astus

15. Arimdor

16. Teldja

17. Wandy

18. F99th_Pyromanic4002

19. TurboRUSH

20. Flame

21. Axion

22. Terence_Hill

23. AGRS_Mustang

24. Topper Harley

25. amazing

26. archer

27. Happy Go Lucky

28. Dackster94

29. *NOB*Aries

30. *NOB*Wepar

31. *NOB*SexyRexy

32. RVE_Moltar

33. 59th_Comet

34. 71st_Rush

Edited by [Maverick]


104th Phoenix Wing Commander / Total Poser / Elitist / Hero / Chad

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"GCI services will be provided via AWACS uplink, these AWACS aircraft are not eligible to be targetted and will be set on immortal for this event."


So sad. No viggen either, double sad. You guys are really making it hard to find something ridiculous to do. :D


Will GCI view feature gods eye view like on 104th server normally ?

Especially with the targets being right at the foot of the mountains that would remove quite the options from Challengers repertoire.

Also: Will GCI count towards squadron limit on sing ups ?

Also: How will the winning side be determined ? I guess there is a point system, if that is the case, will the points assigned for actions be made public ?


Edit: Will the mission be the same as last redflag [except Aggressors AWACS is immortal] or will it be made public during the week ?

Edited by microvax



*unexpected flight behaviour* Oh shiii*** ! What ? Why ? What is happening ?

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