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AvioDev C-101: New project announcement


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Dear Everyone,



We are excited to announce to the community our first project, the C-101 "Aviojet".



The C-101 Aviojet is an advanced jet trainer and light attack aircraft, entering service with the Spanish AF in 1980.The C-101 was also operated by the Air Forces of Chile, Jordan and Honduras. Through many years of service, the Aviojet has proved itself as a reliable aircraft, being an excellent platform for training and aerobatic flight, and is used by the premier aerobatic team of the Spanish Air Force, the Patrulla Águila.



The team behind the C-101 for DCS World is AvioDev, who are located in Spain and the UK. The team is comprised of 4 members:



Peyvolt : Modeller

Tango : Systems developer

JO : Textures

Alezmad : Technical Advisor


Also you can follow us in our facebook page:




Development on the C-101 was a painstaking task, in order that the models, textures, and systems accurately matched the real aircraft. Thanks to working directly with pilots and technicians of the real aircraft, we are able to bring you an exceptional simulation. At the current time, the aircraft has been developed with SFM and full clickable cockpit, but AFM is planned, and we are currently looking for an AFM devolper to create the flight model for our C-101 project, and possible future projects. If you would be interested in this position, please contact us via PM.




Our C101 project teaser: Recommended to watch it in 1080.












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Awesome. Good luck.

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Welcome to the forums guys, excited to see your work!

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Looks good work in the pit... I would make more details into external 3D model... looks like nice trainer aircraft, I would like if someone would do Yugoslavian G2 Galeb and/or G4 Super Galeb. :)


So good luck with this project!

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This comes as a pleasant surprise. I love these little jets that can double as COIN and FAC birds.


In lieu of an A-37 or an HA-200, this will be more than acceptable.


Which variant is this going to model?

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Thanks for your nice comments.


Versions planned are EB (Trainer) and CC (Light attack). We are developing first the EB, and as you can see at the end of the teaser, doing some work on CC version as well.


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yes, some versions of C-101 can carry weapons.


More news to the front

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Very nice, will probably buy this one.


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