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Dear pilots, we are happy to announce you big DCS: I-16 update!

It will include:
- heating physics (cylinder and oil heating and cooling were fixed)
- pilot and parachute shapes (we've created correct model for walking after flying)
- high speed level flight tweak (no need to handle stick and pedals to maintain it anymore)
- motor shutdown process (much faster now)
- oil radiator animation added on external model
- kneeboard enabled
- fuel meter scale increased
- gunsight and cockpit lighting tweak






Also, we are finishing main manual, learning missions - WIP. So, we are on the way to release.
Thank you for your patience!

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Great news, I really missed having more contact with the developer of this beautiful and nice aircraft. I'm looking forward to having an operable kneeboard, as currently I have to use a Mod (by @Tempest ) .. please, if you can, enable the radio so we can contact ATC when landing 👍


Best regards

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Awesome news!  I love flying this little bird! 

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Excellent, it is such a nice aircraft - one of a few with 100% rating on Steam!


Glad to know training missions are coming. Please add more Quickstart and Single missions as well, and a campaign!

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Great news .

This module felt very finished at release, but enhancements are always welcomed.

I think this module is underrated by the community - but I can highly recommend it.

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The I-16 has the most beautifully artistic cockpit in DCS.    The listed updates you are providing will be very much appreciated!

Many thanks for the update Plexus .


There is already an Excellent English Cockpit Quartermaster created - Since you are doing an I-16 Update you can save a few hours by adding his MOD to the Update.

The I-16 is your Project so it is your choice. 

I-16 English Cockpit MOD created by Quartermaster!

(Very nice includes all labels and Knots Airspeed)

Type - ModAuthor - Quartermaster

Date - 19.09.2020 02:48






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In our next update, we have added drop tanks, which by as many as 186 liters expand Rata’s flight capabilities and number of mechanical levers and cables in the cab.

We also made some bug fixes and improvements to the cockpit textures.







We hope that our updates will finally be available in the next DCS update.

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Hi Plexus - The updates you mention are exactly what I was hoping for when I purchased this most unique plane.  

Looking forward to the next patch....   Thanks for your update!

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It's really amusing that this little bumble bee has drop tanks! Lol Thanks for the amazing work on the I-16 guys. Looking forward to future updates and announcements. 

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The original I-16 propeller was already very well done.  An updated propeller using virtualization technology will just make the I-16 look even better.


Thanks Plexus!

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Dear connoisseurs of the history of aviation and the virtual sky!


We have prepared for you a short report on the main work done on the project over the past year.

The results of this work will be available in a large release update.



An electrical system with power supplies and consumers has been implemented. The ability of the battery to charge and discharge was added.


We added an option to set an external ground power supply. From now it is necessary to use it for start-up, since the starter circuit is powered from an external source.

Manual starter’s running is also provided.


Along with the external battery, the installation of wheel chocks appeared, which is required to warm up the engine.



Physics and fuel mixture management have been improved. Now the mixture control lever is locked in the "normal" center position. The "forward" position is meant to impoverishes the mixture and the "backward" - to enriches. This became relevant after the adding of altitude corrector failure.


Thorough flight manual has been written, containing history, detailed description of the design, systems, procedures. Localization of the manual is underway.


Single and training missions have been added, including cockpit familiarization, start-up, taxiing and takeoff, landing, ground attack.


From now the cockpit English version Is available.


We’ve supplemented new paint schemes, including the livery for the famous «Red Five», the Red Army's aerobatic team in the 1930s.



At the moment we are focused on the development of the RSI-3 radio station with new DCS VoIP technology implementation.


In general, a lot of work has been done to improve the quality of the product, a number of unexpected difficulties have been overcome. That allowed our small team to gain invaluable experience.



At the beginning of the next year, we are planning to release the final version state of the DCS: I-16 project and place the long-awaited announcement.

We have great plans ahead.


Thank you for your trust and patience.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022!


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Wow!!! Let me be the first to say....


Thank you for all the hard work on the I-16 - by far, my favorite DCS module. And a HUGE thank you for the FANTASTIC news on the long-awaited Lavochkin!!!! Put it up on pre-sale and take my money right now! 😄

Wishing you, your team, and your families a wonderful holiday season and much happiness and success throughout the New Year!!!


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Thank You and fingers crossed for Yours 2022 An-2 😉 in DCS !

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Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Thanks for the updates!!

Fingers crossed for some other Russian planes!  🙂  


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