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  1. Alrightalright, you guys are right thanks for your insights and sorry for not thinking this to the end. Cheers
  2. Thanks for your thoughts which makes totally sense, though I think there wouldn't be much to recover when the missile hits the ground with maybe 400 ~ 600 kts
  3. Thus it's correct as IRL I'm interested why the HARM is fired straight away instead of just being dropped when jettisoned. Could be a problem sending it to an unpredictable point of impact...no? Any thoughts on this?
  4. Well it does mate - though still hard to implement. Maybe?
  5. The exposure time of the camera and the angle of course. It's an Einstein thing. If you move at the same speed it's blurry. If you watch it standing still it is a still image.
  6. Hm guess you might know and you mean something more sophisticated but in the mission editor you can add targets for your e.g. CG and let them attack with Tomahawks. You can edit the strike via the 'advanced waypoint' menu - though simply the launch point / time and the target waypoint.
  7. Bump! Either nobody knows or it's that obvious that we don't get an answer here? Either way - I'd also like to know what it does... I confess I'm totally unfamiliar with the new radio functions though. I've searched the manual and the forums also with no luck.
  8. Well from what u saying my honest recommendation for you'd be to get it working step by step. I've spent years in the hog and still learning something new here and there. - And I'm pretty sure all veterans do that. I really do remember times when I was eager to learn the hogs' systems and often got frustrated till... Really, try to nail one system and when to use it after each other. There are tons of good yt howto's out there. If you run into a more specific problem of any kind you'll find help here. And enjoy the hard and steep path - nothing keeps itching so hard as to master the hog
  9. Mine are falling short too most of the time. Don't have a trk and I'm not a good 'dumb-bomber' in any way but though I feel the same inaccuracy.
  10. Right, I usually send him back to tanker or boat before that happens. 2...I'm outta here, having tea or something
  11. Hm, if you follow the (radio-)procedure for your given approach (Case I,II,III) you should get the 'Kiss Off Flight' option after you received 'Signal is Charlie'.
  12. Haven't watched the trk yet but AFAIK - to set the radar alt warning on the HSI page you have to be in flight above the altitude you want to set.
  13. Sounds more like a wish than a bug, do you have a trk or a vid by chance to have a look? Launches seems to work and feel great on my end.
  14. Not a AMD and/or Win11 user but I just stumbeld over the KB5006746 patch which adresses the L3 cache issues with AMD. Maybe this helps u Win11 Spearheads...
  15. Well Sir, a bit more information could do the trick here. What plane, what mission, what map, is the cloud layer intended by the mission designer or has it to do with the knew cloud/weather engine or maybe it's just a 'not up to date' mission. If the loadout is not vital for the mission design drop a JDAM on a prefined waypoint...
  16. You'd have to edit it on the mission editor. place some flights taking off and landing on the boat. The AI flights should use the elevators to stow themselfes in the boat automatically to keep the deck clear. The easier way is to find some random missions in the user files section. I swear I saw some 'busy deck' missions there.
  17. seems I completely got your first post wrong - sorry for that. If I would have gotten you right in the first place I would've recommended a deletion of the fxo's and metashaders and do a repair. My bad - but great you got it working as supposed
  18. The cloud system has just been rolled out mate. Give it some time as bug reporting will make it better more reliable and maybe even easier to handle over the time. I know nobody wants to hear that anymore but it is a BETA version. No offence mate, I know small steps can be frustrating but I think ED just made a big one with 2.7.
  19. Earlier when i slewed the the TPOD around whenever I pressed TDC the diamond appeared and I could check with the e.g. jdam page open, the coordinates changed accordingly. So, targetpoint set. Now, it does work the same except the diamond in the flir just doesn't show up. I don't get an immediate optical response by pressing the TDC that the point I'm looking at is set as targetpoint and transferred to whatever corresponding weapon. Does that make sense? Maybe I missed a feature with the last update here but this is how it seems to me. Again, I'm fine if it's the way it is.
  20. But it was different before the last update wasn't it!? I found it more responsive and obvious where the TPOD was aiming at by showing the diamond. But maybe it's just a 'get used to it' thing. As long as it is as in the real pod - i'm fine with it.
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