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  1. 20 Degree Flaps setting works Pretty good, because with full Fuel Tank the Center of Gravity is moves backwards in the 109, that makes the sudden nose Pitch up in the 109 on Take off. With Flaps down it wil shift Foward, makes smooth Take off even with full Power and Nose heavy Trim of 1. Why should this a Drawback?
  2. Probably little bit silly Question, I usually not so in to Jet's bought the Tomcat only because Heatblur always stunning Quality. But RalfiDudes Video hammered a Idea in my Mind, with his Walkman speech... Did Heatblur consider about control Jester vs Voice Recognition from the Players Microphone is a possible think for the Future?
  3. Not only the SFM, when Spit was released the FM was quiet good, but there is now no Point where you make Energy against a Spitfire right now in the Dora, so dogfighting or B&Z is only possible so long you keep the Spit busy they have to evade attacks... It even out accelerate Dora and k4 in Dive now..!?!?! Low Wingload low weight and draggy Watercooler stands for good Dive acceleration? Take K4 without MW-50 and dive away from a Spitfire happy to see your Results... http://www.spitfireperformance.com/109gtac.html
  4. It's not fixed Rogo....I am happy when I came back to the Airfield once in a while...
  5. Nice Story CMF.. For you Maler, I don't go down on your level, but Hero Forum Pilot crawl back under the Stone from where you come...
  6. When I see the last "improvements" also would to know where is DCS heading now in WW2? We still go for Full Realism or more for Mainstream Playability?
  7. Where did you deactivate this new Damage Tooltipps?
  8. For CW Spit you need much more carefull soft flying, because neutral stalling is much more prone... When i look numbers in MP, simple no one is flying the CW..
  9. I fly the MIG with MS Sidewinder, but also it goes absoute crazy when i try Altitude Holde.. Anyone Experience with the Sidewinder?
  10. Hey Chris, du willst ja sehen wie genau die Mission ausschaut oder was Reflected sich so ausgedacht hat... Die Datei mit der Endung .Miz ist die eigentlich Mission, pack die unter C: gespeicherte Spiele/DCS Missions Editor eigene Missionen. Dan kannst dir die Mission im Editor anschauen... Allerdings weiß ich nicht was sonst noch dabei ist, Soundfiles etc.
  11. The Primer in the 109 as the 190 is only for low Temperatur, both Engine are Fuel Injected normal Operation dont need any Primer..
  12. After the BS Server was good filled Yesterday, was Time to remove the Dust from the Fw-190...Here small Compilation of my Victims..
  13. Hey Jcomm some of the Servers didn't show up from time to time include for me also BS Server... I don't know what the Reason behind it, but think there is no Problem on your Site... I connect most of the Times BS for Example with IP Adress in MP.. (Copy the IP on my Desktop That works for me at least...
  14. I had Problems with losing my Elevators D9 in a Dive, in a Dive behind a P-51 was able to realy good Pin Point the exact Speed witch is to low... With a max Dive Speed of 860Km/h IAS under 2 Km at 830 Km/h at Ground Level losing Parts is offset...
  15. Thx Guys for the Reply's... Yes understand how to use PRF for incoming and outbound Bandits and look down with Antenna elevation... With Tactical Employment have to admit have now Clue what is F-Pole and so on... My Personal feeling is get lured every time from the Enemy without GCI Link Absolut missing the overview what is going around me and constantly changing Altitude of the Bandits and where to Point my Nose to find something with the Radar or EO, in the meantime I get killed twice.. Seem to look out for more potent Wingman is not a bad Idear...
  16. The MIG 29 is my first FC3 Jetfighter that i buy and actually try in MP... But so far with limited success, i understand how RWR the Radar and other Stuff is Working.. But seems without knowing (my personal experience), the R-77 is not on paar with AIM-120C per example for high Altitude. The next one i feel absolute blind without GCI Link, and not constant spam the AWACS without realy success. Only left chasing down the Valleys with Electric Optical Sight hopefully catch something unaware? Or is there more Professional Tactic that i Miss?
  17. The 40 Bucks was fine before the new Ground Physics Patch, what means fine? There is simple no difference when you slip over the Ground with locked tail wheel or not? this was fine Before and notice able difference...
  18. Labels again disabled why? why we can not go with the old one? and not everyone is flying 2 hours around with 0 Sight?
  19. After the british experimantel "Bo(m)b Cat" it's only difficult is not to overrun the D9 in a Dive, find some P-51 is hard latley...But found two of then, sadly i pulled up one of my finest Flying enjoy...
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