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  1. An over ride for Georges trigger finger would be really helpful. Could not get George to fire at all. No back scatter, no yaw limit or anything else going on. Let him lase and ill pull the trigger from the pilot seat because without him shooting, he is useless.
  2. Excited for the F-8
  3. Just an idea. They sell the NS430 GPS system that can be used in any aircraft. Wondering if we could get the tape player from the F-14 to be used in any aircraft. Something like a small box with clickable buttons maybe. Maybe upgrade it to a CD player?
  4. Joined. It says to read the rules. Not a problem i'll read them. The problem is that it says I dont have permission to read the message history of #rules-please-read
  5. Really good mod fellas! Top notch!!!!!!
  6. Can you put the SRS server info in the briefing?

  7. In TWS the 54 wont hit anything now with in a 35k 25-30 mile shot. You can spectate the missiles and watch the enemy planes fly right past them. At the same time I came out of a shallow dive at 350 20k to 10k and the engines shut down with 4000 lbs left in the tanks. is this normal? The video of the latest sound bumps show the TC pulling some G and doing acrobatics no problem.i barely pulled the stick back and the engines shut down. WTF?
  8. Cant get Jester to change radar ranges because the command isnt there to pick from on the wheel every now and then. The AIM 54 mk60 is hit or miss. I haven't tried the others today. Most of the time I have to get Jester to lock a target and break the lock to get anything hooked. Constantly Jester goes from TWS to RWS when its not asked for. Can we get the Jester commands to not move on the wheel or disappear? Can we get Jester to not go into a star wars loop of babble when in flight refueling? Still love the module. Will be back next patch.
  9. 6Gun

    Foggy Canopy

    I have an Oculus S. When I go to map and back to cockpit. It's fog but it changes with head position relative to the horizon. You can see the horizontal fog line change by raising and lowering your head as you go from f10 to cockpit. It doesnt disappear though.
  10. 6Gun


    I have one from andres shop. A green one with the cut out for an aces seat. Cant play without it now.
  11. Right on. Just didn't know if it was reported or not or if others had the same happening to them.
  12. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature. The nose gear friction to the ground seems like the friction got lowered so much the wheels push through a turn even when going slow. Not just on a carrier but on an airfield as well.
  13. Any news of how the F-8 is coming along? Looking forward to this one.
  14. This bug just started for me as well. Ill be up flying and switch to TWS auto from TWS and it starts. The bug sounds like jester is flipping a switch over and over in the back seat. Cant lock a target after that. He just replies "no can do" for lock requests. Have to re-plane.
  15. I like the 14 and I like how they are making a carrier to go with it. I hope they make more planes or even helicopters to use off of that carrier. It could become kind of like an HB navy series. They have a 14. They can make an A-6 next. Then an S-3, maybe an HH-60 type helo and so on. It would be pretty neat.
  16. The 14 was out for an hour when it was released for Pre-Purchase. I bought it within the first hour. I have not been disappointed with the module. Needs some things working. It's not complete but, it released more complete than other modules i've spent money on.
  17. Depends on how complete the carrier is when it comes out. It's one thing to buy the carrier, another to have working catapults. Working slots to spawn into. Working arresting wires. They have 2 jets that don't have TWS. One of those jets have been out for over a year. Not a day one purchase for me.
  18. I have a simpit for the 14 going and it's almost done with the exception of the front end. Im waiting for the controls in the game to be finished so I get the right controls for the pit. I will say that when the 14 first came out the buffeting was kind of a downer coming from flying the 18 or the 15 for so long. Had to get used to something new. I don't want to advertise but the seat cushions that hook up to the sound systems of the PC is what really makes being able to bring the plane to the edge and back for me really awesome! That and having a real RIO in the plane really bring the 14 to life. The buffeting comes on in and you just know you're getting to that limit. The rudders actually let you move the bird around and point it where you want as well. It's like stall fighting an old war bird with jet engines.
  19. IronMike, Any thoughts to adding controls to the carrier through an “Admiral Benjamin” kind of interface like Jester? Commands like come to a recovery or launch course, launch an S-3 for tanking. Something along those kind of lines. I like how you guys came up with the Jester functions and just would like to see it on other items as well. Admiral Benjamin would be the father of who Mav made several high speed passes on. Just putting the reference out there. ????
  20. Shirt came in yesterday. Virginia, United States.
  21. Still waiting here in Virginia
  22. 6Gun

    T Shirts

    Nope, bought mine an hour after the 14 was available for prepurchase. Mailbox empty
  23. An F-14D would be badass!
  24. Feel better? That is one item out of a couple. How should we feel about handing over our money and at the last second things change? The changes mean they havent finished figuring out what to put on the plane. We should smile? Im all about things being accurate with the modules. Seems like you are defending them NOT doing their research before putting their hand out to take that cash hahahahaha. Please by all means click that button this Friday. Ill wait until the day before release. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That would be the best pre-purchase troll from them in DCS history.
  25. I agree Bull. One night the JSOW is on the list, the next its off. Then its back on there as an example. At the same time they want to get that pre purchase out there. When you pay for something, its not cool when those features get changed at the last second. This date change thing just reinforces having a little more caution before buying their product without reading some fine print (features list).
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