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  1. So it's just INS bombing is not working then? I have been dropping Mk-82 SE bombs and the belougas using CCIP successfully. PS I can fire rockets but not from the outer pylons, maybe I've done something wrong yours confused...
  2. Thanks for the reports guys, it's either me or a change of server did it as they were working fine on the cold war server last night.
  3. Anyone having issues with their Vikhrs? I can't seem to fire them after the update, might be related to this HMS problem.
  4. They can just be seen with a magnifying glass definitely needs fixing.
  5. Still flying the Mig-15 it's a beauty. There's a new server called Cold War Pilots, have a search it's really really good and is all Mig=15 v F-86 action PvP and PvE action.
  6. Thank you for such a great mission Surrexen really enjoying it on the cold war pilots server.
  7. Had a quick go last night on your server and I think it's really top-notch! Clearly a lot of effort has been put into the making of it and it shows especially with reference to the playability. Adversaries placed in a sweet spot avoiding dull transit times and plenty of action to be found when you reach the target areas. Really great to see such equally matched cold war jets lock horns. Server starred, will be back on later great stuff Propnut.
  8. I like the sound of this server, will have a look later this evening Propnut.
  9. I also really prefer the Normandy setting for immersion, would love to see this server on it.
  10. Good battle last night on the Abu Dhabi mission with a nice amount of red v blue and a great guy doing GCI for blue, really enjoyed it and some good teamwork on both sides. Great mission!
  11. The new lighting has been overcooked as far as runway lights and navigation lights on the aircraft are concerned. They're just far too bright and dominant, needs reducing significantly to bring it back to realistic levels. In other areas it is an improvement to some extent. I appreciate these things are hard to get right and I'm confident ED will address it in the coming weeks no doubt.
  12. +1, this is all good points you make. I also hate the way the unit is too zoomed in when you call it up, better to be slightly further back. Simple things to refine really.
  13. Just back from Qatar beach holiday, saw a few fighters each day making noise heading back to Al Udeid which was good. Definitely needs incorporating for PG, such an important base for the region.
  14. I guess it's down to what's best on your personal setup. At least we can change the gamma in-game and keep going with the action which is great. I tend to use 1.4 or thereabouts.
  15. For rotor ops MP I would recommend the fraternity (PvE) and Cold War server (PvP) for the best experience.
  16. That's definitely an ED latest update issue with the 109. Can't get it to autostart or manually start at all, just not working. The only way for it to play ball is to have engines running when spawning.
  17. When I switch this on DCS crashes and I have a pretty capable system. Hoping we get 2.5.6 tidied up soon but I can live with it for now, definitely some significant improvements abound with it.
  18. Flew last night on the server with no issues under 2.5.6 so all good. Looking forward to this juicy UAE mission later.
  19. I'd say go for it. This is a mean looking killing machine that can devastate enemy units rapidly and once you master the trimming on it (a few good videos on YT explaining) you'll have a great time. ED will look after you discount wise when the upgrades arrive pretty sure they said the new cockpit is free.
  20. You definitely need to take the carrier specific measures mentioned above eek out every last drop of performance in your favour and watch your takeoff weight. Even then it'll be a hairy enough experience getting off the deck safely but good fun.
  21. You definitely need to take the extra carrier takeoff measures mentioned above and even then it's a hairy enough experience but good fun.
  22. What touchdown speed are you guys aiming for? I know this will vary with weight personally I hit the deck around 250 km/h, maybe too quick???
  23. Have placed a gold star on my multiplayer list next to this server. After the recent update to the Normandy map this server has lots of potential to be the home for warbirds. Spent about 20 minutes flying around evening last having a look and it's very impressive. Only stumbled upon it after watching one of Philstyle's youtube videos about map updates. Great stuff!
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