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My WiiMote project is complete!


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I saw some interesting stuff online about using the WiiMote as an IR tracker and decided to put something together for these wonderful clickable cockpits.


Using an old golf glove, I attached an IR LED, battery and switch to enable my LCD monitor to act like a touch screen. Wasn't to hopeful at first, but in the end it actually works, and works very well!


Here's a quick video of this little gadget, dubbed the "Power Glove" (originality is not what I get paid for), at work in Black Shark. :thumbsup:



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Pretty cool man , props to you. It looks like it works very smooth. Now you just need to put up a guide for us on exactly how you built it :)



System Specs


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Can you explain a bit more about this setup!

Looks really nice.



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Waiting on a good RTX



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The software that is required can be found at the link below. This software will link with your Wii Remote and interpret the IR light as mouse clicks.




You will also need to have your PC up on Bluetooth to connect to the Wii Remote.



The position of the LED should be close to where you are touching the screen, but does not need to be exact. There is a calibration part of the Wii Remote Whiteboard software that correct for this.


Position the Wii Remote so that it can see the monitor clearly (I have mine on a Surround Sound speaker stand over my left shoulder). If you have Track IR, you may need to reposition the unit as the IR light that it uses may interfere with the Wii Remote camera. The Wii Remote has about a 45 degree field of view, so keep this in mind when positioning the remote.


All in all, it's a fantastic integration of pieces for a truley interactive result. Once you get used to the mouse hot spots for the clicking, it's almost natural.

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I would also like some more detailed pics mate, I have even given in to the urge of buying the needed components. I have a bluetooth dongle receiver, is that enough to do the job required?


The only thing i need is the tact switch, couldnt find the exact same when I went shoping tonight. Im new to soldering and the such so this will be quite and experience for me personally.

Aka Slammer

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I don't imagine it will be long before some company makes a commercial version...


What a cool piece of kit.


Might want to think about a patent or something.....this is going to catch on big time..!!!


I have nowhere near the competence to do this personally, but I'd definately pay for one





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I have a new project for the holidays!


Very nice work my friend :D

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What did you use for the batteries? I mean, you obviously didnt solder on to them right? :P


Can we get some pics of individual components you used in your setup. I have no idea what the switch looks like and the dicksmith electronics have no idea about a tact switch...

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Aka Slammer

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A track IR unit points away from the monitor the wiimote will point at the monitor. The only problem with this is if the wiimote picks up the LEDs for the TIR device. once they get seperated (ie they don't see each other) then there should be no problems as they are totally seperate devices using different software.


So in essence the wiimote is acting like the TIR camera looking at the screen. On one of the fingers of the glove there is a small push switch attached, which, when pushed lights an IR LED also attatched to the glove (pretty close to the end I would imagine) and when relesed the LED goes off, the wiimote picks up the IR LED "flash" and produces a mouse click and the button/switch is moved.


I think I have grasped this concept correctly. If not I'm sure Jon will pop on and correct me. I would still like to see pics though, especially for the positioning of the LED.




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Not the prettiest piece, but I was going for functionality before looks. I also wanted to keep the wires a little longer so they have some room to move for when I have my hand on the Joystick.


The wires are not soldered to the battery, electrical tape is holding them secure.


Also, golf gloves are generally left handed. Had to do some trimming to get the right hand in there comfortably.


The switch was purchased at Radio Shack.


Also, the switch acts as a circuit interrupt, meaning the LED will not light until the switch is pressed. Every press of the switch lights the LED and stays light while the switch is pressed. This isn't a toggle switch, it's more like a pressure button.


USB Bluetooth dongle is what I use to connect the remote to the PC, Voice Star to be specific.

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Very Cool!

Hm... To finalize your design, you could go to radio shack and get one of these, sewing it to the backside of the glove to hold the AA battery


Or better yet, use a smaller watch battery and holder ( ultra small ) and if need be drop the voltage to whatever you need with an inline diode, placing this on the backside of the glove for easy battery replacement.



I think I now have a reason to buy a Wii !

Great idea and initiative getting this to work! Good Job and thanks for sharing it with us.


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