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  2. That would be awesome, I'd also love to see target drone as an option for the Ai fighters
  3. Again im not sure what your bringing to the table.
  4. This did not come from pilots, but again you're not really clarifying when you were working this and where.
  5. Im trying to follow you my dude but Im not an expert typer so It may take a moment Im not trying to be an asshole, but if any of your subject matter experts didnt know this off the top of thier head, then they are not SME's. The load out flight clearances for Tomcacts is public record. And I love pilots, but this is not thier minutia.
  6. You made the assumption I'm on the "team", and was referring to the loadouts when I was talking about what was represented. I was referring to the overall systems of the A/B and what timeframe they were generally representing. I just help paint the jets and moonlight doing research and cross-checking stuff here and there because I stare at way too many photos trying to pick up names off of jets. You also didn't answer yet about when you were doing Ord stuff, maybe even a where [if not a squadron specifically]. Again that would be a lot more helpful because if you did 6 years as an ordie in say, 1978, it might not be as helpful. I'm assuming not because you're obviously switched-on about the later LAUs. If you peel this whole thing back further to when the module was released, there were threads about ordnance, what could be hung off of what stations, and whether they actually were used. There were manuals and training docs indicating some of these configurations COULD be done, but not necessarily that they ever were done in practice. Even photos here and there of weird stuff including the Zuni rockets. This stuff was cross-checked by other crew/ordnance/system guys that had been consulting on the module behind the scenes. But from what I recall a good portion of it came from some charts showing what was technically cleared or authorized to carry on what station.
  7. Yep. Its why I choose 119 to begin with, because it was easy to remember since 199 is ingrained in every Jeff pilot since Day one.
  8. +1 and i hope the communty will grow as well. DCS Warbirds are a pleasure to fly and fight with.
  9. LanceCriminal86, You make some interesting points. Without sounding like an asshole, I would like to point out some inconsistencies. I will start with Air to Air. Stations 1A and 8A will always be any weapon that fires from 28 VDC pulse. (almost every air to air weapon in the Navy). Its a rail obviously. It will always be restricted down to a AIM-9M because none of the outboard stations ever got plumbing for any type of 1760 weapon. (AIM9X) Moving to 1B and 8B: These stations (LAU92 on a B and below, LAU124 on a D.) CANNOT carry bombs. (Test squadrons yes, they were trying it out.) You have to completely remove the launcher to hold a LANTIRN pod on 8B, its called a harm adaptor. Moving to stations 2 and 7: This goes without saying. Drop tanks. Let us now move to the belly. Stations 3,4,5 and 6. This set up is so wrong I don't even know where to begin. If you remove the phoenix rails to put on an air to ground weapons rail, you cannot mix and match AA/AG munitions. This is where the loadouts from your team make no sense. I can put 54's on 3 and 6 then load air to ground weapons on 4 and 5. Thats not possible. Sounds good but a phoenix rail (LAU-93) does not talk to a weapons rail (air to ground), so where would you even be getting the release impulse for station 4 and 5 since it cannot attach to a phoenix rail? You guys have a great product. No doubt. But you need to really reevaluate your Subject matter experts because they clearly don't know their facts.
  10. Already reported and tweaked internally. It should be "better" in the next patch.
  11. Today
  12. Здесь больше 7-и метров на пиксель. Впрочем я догадываюсь. Можно поставить на фотоаппарат матрицу очень большого разрешения и формально, на цифрах, она может дать невероятную детализацию, примерно как 105Мп в телефонах Самсунг. На практике даст кашу, из которой можно вытянуть изображение, но меньшей детализации.
  13. The autopilot and the FCS are not working in my F18 . I have tried the deadzone adjustment without success . my X56Rhino is new and calibrated . indicators show that the system is active the aircraft just porpoises through 10 degrees + and- AOA the stabs don't seem to react I thought about uninstalling and reinstall but cant find a way to do it. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Good idea, Rudel! I thought DCS automatically told users what add-ons are required. Most of my A4-E missions are on the Syrian map (IAF). Most of the Mossie missions are on the Normandy map and the Channel map. Please give me feedback after you try them!
  15. Он именно так и сделал. Навел ракету на первое строение, которое посчитал за цель. Это вопрос к оператору и его восприятию мира.
  16. So I have been playing wit the settings in game and in the NIVIDIA control panel for about 4 hours straight now and on most settings I can see no difference. Granted my flight was limited to by keyboard since I am replacing my flight stick already and haven't learnt my first module yet All three of my custom in game presets use this as a base in NVIDIA control panel off what I gathered from some online searches. (some buttons appear washed out as I am using a HDR 1400 monitor) These where tested by a keyboard free flight of the F-14B over the caucuses Custom set 1 nets me about 102-105 in cockpit and 115-121fps in F2 view Custom 2 nets me 133-138 roughly on the interior and 175-180 exterior F2 view And finally custom 3 gets me about 75-83 interior and 84-87 exterior F2 view So my question is what should I prioritize for those who play this a lot. I wanna get into it very heavily and have been getting my PC and controls all set up first and getting reference books and materials. Heck I got this PC just for this game and went overboard and got all the modules, campaigns etc that Steam had minus the Christian Eagle II, Mosquitto and 1 campaign since they weren't on sale (I have been buying a lot lately but started end of last year getting stuff) Should I prioritize the looks and just run whatever fps I get or if I start to dive into MP play should FPS be King? I look forward to learning and sharing the sky's online with you guys. EDIT SORRY ONE SEC CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO PUT IMAGES
  17. Hose. F-18. I seem to be doing okay with the throttle. Working it back and forth a bit for a slow approach, but I'm struggling with the pitch/roll of the aircraft.
  18. Not many updates as of late. Still being worked on for the viper ? Still enjoying the heck out of this mod!
  19. how much does this cost ? subscription or one time flat fee ?
  20. Excellent Thanks ! Great work
  21. I was unable to run a repair yesterday whilst flying on the Rotorheads server. I lost number two engine. Returned to base and shut down. Ground crew refused to repair, telling me to shut down the engines. I restarted the apu and engine 2 oil psi was showing 20, and there was a faint engine sound that would disappear for a second or two then return. I’d been flying for a number of hours so I haven’t even considered uploading the track file. I’ve also noticed that my Warthog throttles disconnect from their throttle bindings post repair. Prior to restarting the engines, I use the key commands to move the throttles forward which then re syncs my warthog throttles. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?
  22. Hello. I have just updated and flown after 2 months... There is no way to keep a lock to an enemy at 35NM in tws nor a hard lock. You lock and the lock breaks. I have watched and the aircraft is not maneouvering, is high (+20000 feets), so there is not real reason for having such ewak capabilities. VS mode is also somehow "very weak" , flying with teamates on F16/18 they have a contact bfore I can even see the contact on VS mode (and we are atalking about a hot contact, high altitude, and Im pointing the radar OK)
  23. Hi all. As the title says, I just cannot make the ILS get to work in a TCN ILS/LOC app in NTTR map (this happened with Nellis and McCarran airports) I have In DED SEQ TCN in T/R, BCN correct (LSV), TCN channel works fine (12X for Nellis AFB, also I get the audio signal from the audio panel) ILS is showing ON, have CMD STRG indication, frequency is correct (109,1 for Nellis), and approach course correctly set (209) In HSD PLS/TCN is set, and DME shows below 20 nm distance. Problem is in ADI I get both red flags in the flight director and ILS just wont work. Am I forgetting to connect something or is this a bug? I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks in advance, Alejo
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