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Bankler's CASE 1 Recovery Trainer


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Change log

* Updated Moose, in order to get the mission working again after ED's scripting changes.
* Changed overhead tanker TACAN band to Y.

* Fixed Pattern Mode.
* Implemented support for <profanity> Hot Break.
* Carrier is now slightly slower on its north leg, and there is a little natural wind.
* Added minor turbulence.
* Added ice halo.
* Increased number of chaff in Hornets from 30 to 60.


* The score summary is now written to dcs.log.
* The score summary (with a date and time) is now also optionally written to a file Logs/BanklersCase1RecoveryTrainer.log (requires desanitizing of os, ios and lfs lua modules in MissionScripting.lua).
* Fixed auto cockpit setup timing to account for new behavior where boxing TCN engages the A/P menu. This resolves the problem where the aircraft went into RALT A/P instead of disabling the HUD Time.
* Fixed minor problems with auto cockpit setup where some MFD buttons were left in the pressed state.
* Tomcats should now have the Carrier TCN set to default.
* The initial message is now much shorter.
* Airborne aircraft have been slightly moved in order to be properly lined up on the initial


* Added T-45C Goshawk version of the miz.
* Increased player slots from 32 to 44 (12 additional VFA-192 Hornets or TW-1 Goshawks depending on miz version).
* Adjusted weather for new DCS 2.7 weather system.
* Cockpit auto config now automatically lowers the hook if you start airborne.
* Cockpit auto config now automatically turns off the exterior lights switch.
* Changed Sidewinders from AIM-9M to AIM-9X on all Hornets.
* Increased fuel on Hornets starting at Batumi from 37% to 50%.
* Changed sidenumbers on almost every aircraft to be a little more realistic.
* All Tomcats now have 32% fuel and carry the AIM-9M on the outermost rails.
* Fixed skins on aircraft that had lost them with the new syntax in which skins are saved in missions.
* Removed Hueys that could be used for legacy LSO stuff.
* Updated Moose version.
* AWACS and Tanker now respawn if the are shot down or run out of gas.
* Tanker now uses Moose overhead tanker system, making sure it's always over the carrier.



* Added AWACS aircraft.

* Changed the wording for ideal altitude at the ninety from "450" to "450-500" (you have always gotten full score for anything between 450 and 500, but the wording was confusing).

* Added "Settled" and "Extended Downwind" to the summary shown to all players.

* Fixed bug where Tomcat pilots didn't get any groove time score.

* Changed sidenumbers on all aircraft.

* Changed callsign format from "Chevy 1-1" to "Chevy11".

* Adjusted the carrier group formation to avoid getting stuck in the turn while turning back south.



* There are now two different versions of the mission. The Supercarrier version and the Legacy Carrier version.

* Implemented Supercarrier support.

* Comms F10 menu put into separate submenu. Other -> Bankler's CASE 1 Training.

* Added feature to disable in-flight feedback (you will only get the summary after the pass in this mode).

* Decreased the KC-135MPRS speed substantially.



* Now compatible with 2.5.6 version (changed script launch to "Mission Start" instead of "Once").

* Tweaked carrier group formation so that the ships don't interfere with each other when group turns back south resulting in a halt.

* Fixed bug where if you enabled "Public Feedback" through the F10 menu you would also toggle the LSO Voice, and vice versa.

* Removed unused speed boat.



* You can now use the F10 radio menu to Reactivate TACAN in case the "random TACAN death" bug should happen.

* Replaced the KC-130 with a KC-135MPRS as a workaround as the bugged KC-130 stopped the mission from loading.

* Changed the tanker route into using a race track waypoint.



* You can now use the F10 radio menu to enable "Pattern Mode" where you don't need to go back to initial for every pass, but can turn straight to downwind after takeoff. In this mode 63 is max score.

* You can now use the F10 radio menu to enable Public Feedback. This print all aircraft feedback steps to all players. This is useful when instructing another player.

* Added lineup checks. You can now get score deductions for flying too far from centerline. 75/75 (in break mode) is still max score.

* Implemented settle-checks. If you have a very high sink rate crossing the ramp, you will get -10 points for settling.

* Changed order of flights and gave them unique flight numbers (Chevy1, Colt2 etc).



* Fixed bug where groove time score was wrong if you had an extremely short groove (less than 6 seconds).

* Fixed bug where the summary wasn't always shown when running hi-res VR like Odyssey+.

* Removed some of the static aircraft from the deck to increase performance, and since they don't sync that well in MP.



* Added score for each step in the summary.

* Fixed bug where you didn't receive AOA score with Tomcat.

* Changed algorithm deciding when to start groove timer to be more fair.

* Adjusted wire estimation slightly to eliminate some or all false-positive 3-wire estimations.

* Cleaned up realtime text feedback.

* Removed LSO text callouts (voice is still there!).

* On SP startup, automatically setting ICS (Jester) volume to 10%.

* Changed radio channel on Stennis to Ch 2 (264.00)

* Removed the config-folder that was unintentionally in the miz-file.

* Removed some unnecessary debug log stuff writing to dcs.log.



* Added Tomcat support (airborne, on catapult, cold start)

* Identifying if you're flying Hornet or Tomcat and adjusting required AOA and such to match the current aircraft.

* Added groove time measuring.

* Increased max score from 70 to 75 (because of groove time score).

* Adjusted overhead tanker pattern to make it fly smoother tracks.

* Changed Stennis TCN to 74X.

* Changed overhead KC-130 TCN to 37X.

* Fixed bug that caused some problems when restarting the mission.



* Changed the scoring system into a 70 pts system. The system is quite similar to the old one, but has tweaks in the allowed errors, and what score deductions are given for certain deviations. These new changes are based on feedback from Lex (former F/A-18 pilot and US Navy flight instructor) who has been very helpful.

* Made some tweaks to stand-still-on-deck handling, hopefully resulting in that it should be rare that you don't get score after getting pulled back by the wire.

* The script now allows you to fly a little wider than the 1.2 nm abeam recommendation (up to 1.4 nm) abeam, still giving a perfect score.



* After a trap, when you cut the power, the summary will now show up much faster than before.

* Added hint that you need to stay still for a little while after cutting the power, until the score shows up.

* You can now use the F10 radio menu to toggle the LSO feature on and off. For instance, you might want to turn it off if a player acts as the LSO.

* Moved the SAR helicopter to the right side of the ship, 1.0 nm away.

* Support for 20 players (8 players in Enfield and Ford flight can now start from Batumi in VFA-37 Hornets).

* Renamed the player slots to Chevy, Colt, Dodge, Enfield and Ford 1-1 through 1-4.

* The feedback will now print the players' names as well as their callsigns (Chevy 1-1 etc) to make it easier to see who's who in multiplayer.

* LSO should no longer give you feedback as you cross the wake, but wait until you're actually in the groove.

* The carrier's BRC is now 353 MAG (instead of 354MAG / 000 TRUE as before) as a workaround for the spooky DCS bug where you can't connect to some cat shuttles if the carrier is going straight north.

* Tanker radio is now on Ch 19 (253.00) as per Gregory Brett's recommendation.

* Script will no longer start running if you pass over the trailing ship above 1300 ft (solves the issue where it could trigger when you were flying in the overhead stack).

* Pattern will now get aborted if you ever go above 2000 ft.

* After the carrier turns south (which is after 4 hrs or so), the new BRC stated as you fly over the trailing ship will now say 173 instead of 353.



* Added grading for all the groove parts (start, middle, in-close, ramp), so you can now get up to 200 points for a pass.

* Corrected some LSO calculations.

* Added rudimentary LSO voice calls. This is a work-in-progress but at least adds a little to the immersion. Thanks for the advice and the recordings, Lex (former F/A-18 pilot)!

* Added a little sound effect to confirm that you have reached the trailing ship and you are welcome to start the next pass.

* Fixed a bug where the auto-cockpit-setup procedure left some buttons on the UFC in the pressed state, sometimes causing weird aircraft behavior.

* Removed four of the static aircraft on deck to make more room for player aircraft.

* Removed MIST dependency.



* For SP (and for the host in MP) the cockpit is now automatically setup when you start the mission (not after changing slot). You still need to lower the hook, and tweak the radar alt settings as you require.

* Allowing more distance from the boat when upwind, which should eliminate some uncalled-for aborts.

* Now looking at the glideslope angle, rather than the altitude when determining how well you perform when entering the groove. Aim for 3.5 degree glideslope instead of 300 feet altitude.

* Moved the ships on the port and starboard side of the carrier farther out, so you don't get into the habit of using them as visual cues.

* Implemented rudimentary LSO callouts in the groove (text only for now).

* The boat will now turn and go back south after around 4 hours, making the mission suitable for hosted MP servers. (Thanks funkyfranky for the assistance!)

* Moved the whole mission further east, so you can see some land in the distance as you fly.

* Renamed Upwind to Break Entry.



First release



v 7.2.0: 2204 SC / 519 T-45 / 417 Legacy

v 7.1.0: 3405 SC / 737 T-45 / 700 Legacy

v 7.0.0: 3209 SC / 930 T-45 / 804 Legacy

v 6.1.0: 1895 SC / 648 Legacy

v 6.0.0: 1203 SC / 504 Legacy

v 5.2.0: 1377

v 5.1.0: 421

v 5.0.0: 1193

v 4.2.0: 984

v 4.1.0: 947

v 4.0.0: 633

v 3.0.0: 1165

v 2.2.0: 274

v 2.1.0: 241

v 2.0.0: 387

v 1.0.0: 635

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Thanks a lot, will try it out today .. currently I can do the case 1 sucessfully, but the scoring aspect of your mission seems very interesting and I'm sure it will help me to improve on my recovery "style" :)



Best regards


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thanks - ill give it a go when

i get home :)

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Cool stuff, will check it out soon :) Thanks!

A warrior's mission is to foster the success of others.

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Excellent facility! If I have one very minor observation, it is that the flt deck is very crowded, making a quick exit a little difficult.


I have not yet found where the debrief is stored.


Flown it 3 times to date - scores between 60 and 97. So some way yet to go.


I can see this being very popular with our group.

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Brilliant. This is a big step from just trapping.

Now I can see how well I performed and horn my skill forward from the results.


Thank a lot.

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Thanks I like it. And here is my surprising too me my first attempt.


I am happy with it.


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Tested and approved!

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Thanks for the efforts...excited to try this later!

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Awesome, just came across this. Definitely will check her out and report back. thank you for creating this!

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