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DCS Super Hercules mod by Anubis

Eight Ball

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Have you guys seen this? 🙂




Clickable cockpit, ramp panel and battlestation

- Custom flight model

- Custom HUD

- Auto-pilot

- 4 manned positions
- And more...






In the main options under special is a checkbox "Tick the box to enable for steam users".



- Liveries & textures template:




- Textures template for liveries - Update Dec 03 (Special thanks to Strider)







1: Flight Model Improvements:

Further Flight model improvements.


2: AUTO Pilot:

Auto pilot IAS added.


3: Load-out:

Hercules_cargo.lua standardized to make updating easiers.


4: Navigation:

Navigation via Map marker added.


5: Kneeboard:

Kneeboard Checklists added.


6: KeyBindings:

Button added to mute audible cockpit warning sounds.


Known Issues:

Pre-version 6.1 made missions crash when using navigation(Fix:Remove Hercules and save mission then add hercules back and save again).
All keybindings must be redone.





1: Flight Model Improvements:

Various Adjustments made to fligth behaviour.

Crosswinds adjustments made, Hercules can now easily be operated up to max allowed crosswind. (15knots at 90deg of nose)


2: Textures:

Spinning prop hub’s while cold and dark corrected.


3: Load-out:

Paratroopers have been added to the Hercules.
**PIERRE ESCOP** provided us with his model for use in the Hercules.

Units re-aligned to prevent ramp damaged when deploying.


4: Battle Station:

Pylon selection won’t reset after pylon release button is pressed, enabling the possibility of activating and deactivating smoke pods.

Pylon Jettison corrected, selected pylons will now jettison correctly.(Smoke pods can’t be jettisoned, if jettisoned they stop working but remain on pylon, DCS core thing!)

Chin mounted TGP model added back when Battle station is loaded (TGP is not functional)


6: Counter Measurers:

Chaff and Flares added.


7: JATO:

Jato power fixed no more double power in multiplayer.






APU will now start after trying to start without battery power, once battery is turn on. APU starts 3 times before battery power is too low, request external power to charge batt up again



Beta Can now be engaged anytime reducing engine power to 60%, reverse will only kick in below 155knots.



Pylons have been changed to reflect the final idea for the weapons system. (NOTE!!! Remove Hercules.lua from C:\Users….\Saved Games\DCS…..\MissionEditor\UnitPayloads and redo all payloads in previous made missions) Smoke pods Added



Kneeboard added with basic checklists included



Steam compatibility added. (To enable, simply install the latest version of the mod, and navigate to the Hercules Special Options page in DCS. You will see a “Steam Version” checkbox that, if enabled, utilizes the new audio implementation. All steam users should check this box. Standalone users should not enable this feature, as it reduces the quality of the external sound effects. This is a limitation of the alternate sound API, and is out of our control.)



Various Ammo and Units added. Further load-out adjustments made



Various aerodynamic adjustments made


KNOWN ISSUES: Pylons won't jettison correctly. JATO is very powerfull.


A Special thanks goes out to

Striderfor the default textures

Mezfor the Updated Aerodynamics.

Bailey for the Missions/Kneeboard

someone_somewherefor the Steam integration.




Below is the changes included in this version




Core Mod repacked to fix cargo error causing dedicated server crashes




Repacked to fix the cargo error player side.




Added multiple Quick start missions.


A Special thanks goes out to:

Strider for the default textures

@Mez for the Update Aerodynamics.

Bailey for the Missions







Heat-blur added to all 4 engines.




Weapons split into categories.

Weights adjusted for each unit to allow for more load options.


New Units/Items added:

SA-13 Strela

ZSU-23-4 Shilka

SA-19 Tunguska



to have the new units work the Hercules_Cargo.lua included in the main mod folder needs to be loaded.



CoreMode created for Dedicated servers.



Aerodynamics adjusted to fit closer to real aircraft


A Special thanks goes out to:

Strider for the default textures

Mez for the updated Aerodynamics values.





Below is the changes included in this version




Replaced base Livery with new textures provided by @strider




Liveries placed in C:\Users\youruser\Saved Games\DCS or DCS.openbeta\Liveries\Hercules

Will now be selectable.




Weight added to each item/unit description.

eg.(IFV BMP-2 [31460lb])


Unit/Item List:




Hawk Sam units temporarily removed.(pending function testing)




Avenger SAM.

Cobra APC.

M113 APC.

HEMTT Tanker.


M2A2 Bradley IFV.

MCV-80 Warrior IFV.






Roland Sam System (Radar&Launcher)


to have the new units work with the cargo drops load the new Hercules_Cargo.lua inlcuded in the mod main folder.


Load-out allocation:

Each item/unit have been re-assigned to a load position taking into account the weight of each item and aircraft center of weight.



View points has been adjusted in station 3+4.



Pylon Visibility animation corrected


A Special thanks goes out to:@Striderfor the default textures



1. Emergency repair of Network Synchronization, some values did not share properly between cockpits.

2. ID planars on the external model removed, it was interfering with the liveries been made.



1. Smoke on Engine 1+2 corrected when under heavy load.

2. Outer pylons will not appear when no weapons are loaded.

3. Updated ammo load-out.

4. JATO Key-bind corrected.



Waypoint capture feature has been temporarily removed to be reworked.





- FAQ (by Knapsak on Discord)


1. Does It have SFM or EFM? It has a EFM that is still being tuned.

2. Does it have RWR? Not yet but will come later no time frame sorry.

3. Does it have Chaff and Flare? No not yet it will come with the RWR.

4. How many people is developing the module? Only Anubis!!!

5. Will this become a 3rd party module? There is not plan to make it a 3rd party Mod.

6. Does the weapons working? No it is still very early in development and will work in future.

7. Does it have Multi Crew? Yes it has, a video on how to get it to work will come soon

8. Where can it land/take-off? anywhere on the ground, It doesn’t float well.

9. Is the weight simulated? Yes, your cargo and fuel is added to your aircraft impacting your performance.

10. Is Center of Gravity simulated? Yes, make sure you load the heavy stuff close to you center of Gravity in the plane(mid-crate section).

11. Is all 4 engine modeled, because DCS only does 2? Yes, Anubis spent a very long time developing his 4 engines and you can feel it when you switch some off.

12. Is Damage Modeled? not at the moment No

13. Will we ever get a manual? Sure we just need someone to make it.

14. Does it have Auto-Pilot? Yes, it is currently being worked on.

15. Does it have Lights? Currently it only has taxi and take-off lights nothing else

15. Does it have Lights? Currently it only has taxi and take-off lights nothing else.

16. Is the bleed air system fully implemented? only a basic simulation.

17. Why is there only one heat-blur? DCS only simulates 2 engines max, so no way to get blur on all now, we will check if it can be added later, for now it’s best going without any heat-blur.

18, Is there no radio after take-off? The communications is in a SDK that is for official 3rd party devs only

19. Does it have navigation? No it has been removed pending a complete rework of the waypoint capture function


- Compatibility Issues

- Reshade is known to cause serious framerate issues


- Help Needed


Knapsack said:
Hello People

So many of the things like PFD, RWR, CMS can be made via .lua and if anyone has the know how and would like to help making some of these things Please send @Knapsak or @Anubis a DM(on discord) and we can start talking all help is welcome and this will enable us to make the mod even greater faster.















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Do you have a paint template available?


There isnt any as far as I know, Anubis has admitted textures isnt his strong point.

Someone seems to be working on it tho, hopefully he will share his template with the community, Would love to see your liveries on it :)

Feel free to join their discord: https://discord.com/invite/ae7yFzQY


Also, just so there's no misunderstanding, I had no part in this. I came across it on youtube and thought it was too good not to share!



Cargo ops (I think that's the author's channel)

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OMG! We have a winner! My eyes are sweating! I need to fly this baby immediately... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

"Landing on the ship during the daytime is like sex, it's either good or it's great. Landing on the ship at night is like a trip to the dentist, you may get away with no pain, but you just don't feel comfortable"

— LCDR Thomas Quinn, USN.

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holy smokes, this is awesome!!!

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wow, this is nice. Will try.


I think such a plane is very cool and way more fitting to DCS then all the trainers we have (imo)

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Hopefully someone who is more talented than me can make a skin-template for this beauty...

"Landing on the ship during the daytime is like sex, it's either good or it's great. Landing on the ship at night is like a trip to the dentist, you may get away with no pain, but you just don't feel comfortable"

— LCDR Thomas Quinn, USN.

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