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A-4E By HoggitDev


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Remember this: http://imgur.com/oTpQ3X5


Well we now have this:



Photo Album Found here:




HoggitDev is happy to announce the development of the Douglas A-4E Skyhawk attack aircraft for DCS World. Our primary mission at HoggitDev is to provide a meeting place for the developers and aviation enthusiasts within the greater /r/hoggit community to collaborate and volunteer on a module that will eventually be available to all pilots at no cost.


Our initial effort is a SFM/SSM module of the aircraft, including period-specific armament, from groundwork laid out by /u/kryb with his external model of the A-4E Skyhawk. We are pleased to reveal that we have made significant progress toward our goal in just a few weeks, and at this time we’d like to mention some key accomplishments, and review our upcoming challenges.




Meet the Team and the Current Areas of Development


3D-Art, Our project lead /u/kryb has graciously sponsored our efforts by including HoggitDev in the full development of his externally modelled Skyhawk. We also have modelling department gurus creating auxiliary components such as ordnance and ground start equipment, and /u/Merker6 has spearheaded cockpit modelling.







2D-Art, The 2D department, lead by /u/gospadinperoda and /u/DrMarianus, is helping tune the UV unwrap of our 3D models in preparation for texturing and livery creation. They have an interim paintkit being shared by a few 2D developers, though it is evolving alongside the unwrap.






Coding, Coding team, lead by /u/Shavik, is currently initiating flight model debugging environments so we can gather data from the current flight model settings. They will be working closely with the modelling department to integrate animations with their corresponding dynamic input from the external world in DCS. Eventually this debug environment will help with flight model improvements.


Research, Primarily the research department, lead by /u/SJCape, is on-call for requests from other departments. Secondarily they gather all available research data regarding anything related to the Skyhawk. Research department is also currently responsible for evaluating the feasibility of future projects.




Coordination, Our coordination team, /u/indiadamjones and /u/LevelPulse, is busy keeping HoggitDev organized at departmental level by improving responsiveness for information requests, and setting team goals, while keeping the required services up and running. Coordination team also has human resources as their responsibility. The team intends to provide accurate information regarding the skills and abilities of an individual volunteer and direct them towards our common goal.




HoggitDev is Always Recruiting New Volunteers


HoggitDev is organized with different departments and flexible roles. These roles are filled with people with highly variable amounts of experience and expertise in required fields - some of us are pros or semi-pros in our fields, other are enthusiastic novices.


Do you share our passion for /r/hoggit, DCS or aviation in general?


Would you like to put your art and computer skills to use for the community and join the HoggitDev as a volunteer?


We invite you to join us at the HoggitDev virtual offices and to offer us your skills. Our virtual offices are open 24/7 and while HoggitDev volunteers generally commit 5-20 hours per week for the current project, you decide your own commitment and schedule. While we don’t offer salary and you need to make your own coffee, we do offer a group of aviation enthusiasts and gamers that you will love to engage with. Contact us whenever you prefer, and let us know your area of interest!




We Also Take Nominations for the Next HoggitDev Project


Everyone has a favorite aircraft that they’d like to take for a spin in DCS. We at HoggitDev would like to fill these dreams in the future and we are listening to your nominations for the next project.


The next project isn’t chosen just by based on popularity, for understandable reasons. We need to consider things like available skills, information sources, time-estimates and so on. When you nominate a new airframe for us to consider, we’d like you to offer us a little explanation for your nomination. The research department will evaluate the feasibility of the suggested aircraft as the next project, but the minimal requirement for a nomination is a honest list of pro’s and con’s.




When is the Release?


We haven’t set the release date yet at this early stage of development.



TL;DR Please see the images here: http://imgur.com/a/kBTz5




Update 1: January

Update 2: February

Update 3: March

Update 4: May

Update 5: June

Edited by LevelPulse


Director | Team Coordinator

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  • Gigabyte Aorus Ultra Gaming Z370 Motherboard
  • 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000MHz Ram
  • 500GB Samsung Evo 850 SSD



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This is awesome news!! I would like to suggest, for your next project, to consider doing the Douglas Skyraider. It is an iconic stablemate of the Scooter and would lend itself to the community in both the Korean and Viet Nam War theaters.


Y'all have made a beautiful model and I can't wait to see it on the carrier deck in DCS World!!


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Mod looks good, congrats on the team involved and for the work that has been produced and displayed so far.


However, as the cover bares the DCS and TFC logos, I am curious if this is actually endorsed by those on the cover image.


I know of 3 3rd parties who have said they will not be persuing this aircraft into a full paid module, 1 of those 3rd parties also presented quality work of his A4 which was being made into a paid module before pulling the pin on the project. This person now works for VEAO and the A4 shelved.


So if these 3rd parties couldn't get the project endorsed by TFC or ED, how come you have the logos on the display cover.


The point I am making here is, why spend all this time on a project that won't be endorsed unless of course it will be a free mod that won't cost a cent and with every new update in DCS 2.0 will break the mod as there is no support to have the mod updated when new versions are released much like VEAO, Belsimtek etc etc

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Mod looks good, congrats on the team involved and for the work that has been produced and displayed so far.


However, as the cover bares the DCS and TFC logos, I am curious if this is actually endorsed by those on the cover image.


The original image was made as a joke on reddit when talking about planes we'd like to see, before we got together to actually start working on it. You're right though, it implies an endorsement which does not exist.


This will be a free, community developed mod, and NOT an official paid module.


Edit: TFC and ED logos removed from initial image.



Edited by gospadin
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Well done and grats, great initiative and i will certainly try to help out.



DL available skins here:




Pictures of my Skins here: https://imgur.com/a/bOQyQqW



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Spent pretty much my entire 4 years in the USMC working on "Scooters". Would be a great addition to the ever growing stable of A/C in ED's DCSWorld. Wish you great success in your endeavor.

Edited by Chief1942

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Really cool, Skyhawks are awesome little aircraft and I think given their size, range and armament, they're a perfect addition to DCS.


One question though, is the A-4E supposed to have the dorsal hump? I thought that Es had a flat back, and Ms had the hump.

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Very Cool:thumbup: wish you guys the Best of luck.

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] SMOKE'M:smoke: IF YA GOT'M!:gun_rifle:

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Love the Skyhawk, always have.


I'm not artist or coder but my group (VCVW-14) is a carrier based group waiting for the Hornet. I know a million people will nominate themselves for testing but we have a number of former and current military in our ranks (including a current military AA refueling sim guy)that may be of use to you. Let me know if thats not too common and we can help out in that fashion.

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VFA-25 Fist Of The Fleet

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