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!!Thanks for informing us so well!!


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Hi! all fellow simmers and virtual friends-in-cockpit.



In the last few days I have made myself up-to-date with many long interesting posts that I had missed (too much work...).


I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU! to ED and its representatives for the best customer information service that I have seen!

It is amazing how much you guys DO answer all questions so patiently and precisely.


Thanks WAGS for the great producer's notes and all your following precisions.

thanks EVILBIVOLfor answering again and again all those questions, and GG and all other testers and partners.

Even OLGERD who jumps in once in a while to answer some delicate topic.

This is unbelievable and unheard of in recent sim history!

(or in this so-money-hungry gaming world...)


The level of detail, the realism, the incredible amount of data that is already accumulating in DCS:Black Shark is mind boggling.

Dont forget that we are talking here about a game that sells for a few dozen bucks...


We are a particularily demanding crowd, as if we were ordering multi-million dollar aircrafts for real.

And, patiently, the devs answer all our questions undisturbed.


Add to this the recent history of computer development and, looking at EDs projects, in whichever order they come...

the next few years, thanks to ED, are simmers paradise!









Thanks again

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In DCS I fly jets with thousands of pounds of thrust...

In real life I fly a humble Cessna Hawx XP II with 210 HP :D

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Want become a beta-tester? Well, nice start. :megalol:

(Just kidding of course)


I'm happy with ED's policy on that matter too. Regular Dev updates, FAQ thread with real answers, Producer's note videos and other stuff. Really nice. They even answer the questions like "what is the usual day at work like?" etc. Just waiting for "what is your favourite color?" kinda stuff to show up. :lol: Lots of patience which is admirable.


Well, actually my two posts with some questions went unnoticed, but hell, I'm not b1tching abut it. ;)


Good job ED, keep it up. :thumbup:

(I especially hope for some more screens of WIP on next modules)

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I agree with Jascha.


Staff is very friendly and nice. :thumbup:

Reminder: Fighter pilots make movies. Bomber pilots make... HISTORY! :D | Also to be remembered: FRENCH TANKS HAVE ONE GEAR FORWARD AND FIVE BACKWARD :D


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Hmmm... I'm having fun and someone says 'thank you' for that.. :D Yikes!

"See, to me that's a stupid instrument. It tells what your angle of attack is. If you don't know you shouldn't be flying." - Chuck Yeager, from the back seat of F-15D at age 89.


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Well it says something when somebody says thank you for something that we havent already recieved yet! Keep up the nice work ED!:thumbup:



It's a derivative of the Stockholm syndrome I tell ya! :sly:



Yes - much appreciated E.D. :)

Novice or Veteran looking for an alternative MP career?

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'....And when I get to Heaven, to St Peter I will tell....

One more Soldier reporting Sir, I've served my time in Hell......'

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Yeah, Developers Notes have been awesome. The Navigation/ABRIS one is my favorite...I've watched it like 6 times already.


It's a measure of the quality of this company that their pre release publicity is about a million times better than bigger more professional outfits like Activision or THQ or EA.


Thanks guys.

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Those notes are a very worthwhile project - I've watched that NAV one a good few times too.

Hopefully they'll have worked as a bit of a primer for the actual sim.


& the amount of general info coming out is great & adding to the expectations...


Thanks ED, (& testers as well)


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This also reminds me; you guys shouldn't forget the modders! They are also a big part of Black Shark. Their mods will also likely make Black Shark more enjoyable just as they have done with Lock On.


Reminder: SAM = Speed Bump :D

I used to play flight sims like you, but then I took a slammer to the knee - Yoda

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Hear, hear! Yes, this thread is long, long overdue.


(to the devs, as well as, extended to include all who have provided useful information)

Thank you, you've made waiting for the sim more than worth it. Thank you for encouraging our curiousity and interest with many informative answers. Thank you for making APUs interesting. Thank you.



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  • ED Team

Your welcome folks. As we explained back in the summer, we have been planning to talk about the project in much more detail once things were more finalized and we made the DCS announcement. Having worked in this business for ten years now (time flies!), one thing I've learned is not to hype features and functionality until you are certain it will be in the final product. To not do so promotes unfounded hype and creates a sticky situation later if you cannot fulfill your stated plans (even if due to forces outside of your control). As such, while we have recently discussed our basic road map over the next several years, we'll be holding off on the details until they have solidified. So, please don't get upset and think we are ignoring you when you ask questions about A-10, Apache, etc. It's just too early regarding these modules. Also, we want to keep the focus on Black Shark right now.

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Have to say, I fully agree with the OP.


In comparisson with the approach many in the industry seem to take, ED shows genuine care for it's fanbase.


We haven't been fed just teasers, we've been shown one step at a time, the scope of things to come. And every bit of information that is released, keeps adding to the bigger picture. The way things are progressing, things will never grow stale :)


The way it's looking we'll be enjoying a complete product, with all the added benefits of competent and open developers/testers.




I aaaaaam ... a banana!

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