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DCS SA342 Gazelle Project


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As suggested by Wags, here's my call for help.


The french attack helicopter SA342 Gazelle project is planned to stay "freeware" and is on the way.

I need every document you may provide (drawings with measurements would be cool, pilot manual, everything could help...)

Concerning DCS specific 3D design, evrything concerning files structures, collision model, etc...

The max info I get the best it will be.


I already got blueprints (hard to use as usual because of the distorted pictures), lots of walkaround photos, datas from "Armee de terre" site, some published docs, and some info from the ED Wiki and from here.


If you have any specific Gazelle doc, please share.


At the moment, I'm mostly working on the DCS mod install with dummy model. The main lod 3D Design is in the works too.


As soon as I have something to show it will be here.




EDIT 26/07/2015

Dear Simmers,


Since its first stages of developpement the module was planned to be free.

Things have changed now.

The Polychop-Simulations team has been working hard at the module for 2 years now (3 years total for the module today) to bring it at the DCS standards, 3rd party status, licences costs etc ... all this makes it impossible now to release it free.

So, the DCS Gazelle module will NOT be free.

Edited by Polychop Simulations
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Maybe this can be useful - http://thefree3dmodels.com/stuff/aircraft/sa342_gazelle/15-1-0-2133


It's great, that somebody is going to make a helicopter!!! All those fixed wings are a little bit boring for me :smilewink:

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The Gazelle free 3D models I aleady looked at have been built for rendering purposes I guess and are not suitable for games (170,000 - 200,000 polys).

Plus I don't feel free to use someone else work even it's free.

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Brilliant! Extremely exotic choice hence very interesting! I am relaying your call for help across the French DCS community. i know there are some ALAT pilot there.


Great. If there's three aircraft I want to fly it's the tonka, gazelle and chinook.

Always remember. I don't have a clue what I'm doing

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This is very interesting.

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Excellent! I flew the Gazelle in flight school at Middle Wallop many, many years ago!


I only wish I'd kept hold of all the old training manuals :(

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That is my favourite machine from Search And Rescue. I love its shape. :)


Anyway; I can't really tell how I'm pleased about this project. Of course we love Ka-50. But it's time to see a new helicopter in DCS.


Here's a blueprint. I know you've already got better. But it's just a useless contribution to explain my happiness. :D




By the way; with this helicopter, I remember Blue Thunder movie. :)

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No, that's just running your mouth on the radio. All you are is squishy. Gotta be able to bite back.


Fair enough, usually has the same result for the enemy. :D


I think we will be getting the attack gazelle.

Always remember. I don't have a clue what I'm doing

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