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Chuck's AV-8B Harrier II Guide


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even will all your responsibilities IRL, you still somehow find time to make these.


you are a gentleman and a scholar

Saitek X-52 | Track IR 5 w/ TrackClip | DSD "Trackzilla" Button Box

Flaming Cliffs 3 | F-5e | Mirage 2000 | A-10c | Harrier AV-8B


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Finally! Ttthhhaaannnkkk yyyooouuu Chuck!


Bersagliere. At least this is a start. :)

Intel i7-14700@5.6GHz | MSI RTX4080 Super SuprimX | Corsair V. 32GB@6400MHz. | Samsung 1TB 990 PRO SSD (Win10Homex64)
Samsung G5 32" + Samsung 18" + 2x8"TFT Displays | Saitek X-55 Rhino & Rudder | TM MFD Cougars | Logitech G13, G230, G510, PZ55 & Farming Sim Panel | TIR5 & M.Quest3 VR
>>MY MODS<< | Discord: Devrim#1068

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Big thanks, outstanding work as always.


Asus X99 Deluxe II|Intel i7 6850K @4.2GHz|G.Skill 64GB Trident Z DDR4 3200MHz|Noctua NH-D15 and 4x NF-A14 PWM|Corsair HX850i

Win10 Pro 64 @M.2 512GB 950 PRO|DCS @M.2 250GB 960 EVO

ASUS GTX 1070 STRIX OC 8GB GDDR5|ASUS PG348Q - LG 25UM58 @3440x2520

Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent|TM Hotas Warthog 7.5cm ext & 3x MFD Cougars|MFG Crosswind|TrackIR 5

A-10C|AJS-37|AV-8B|BS2|F/A-18C|FC3|Mi-8MTV2|PG NE NO SY maps|Tacview.


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Great work as usual, sir! Thank you so much for doing this Chuck! You've spoiled me to the point that I wait for your guide before I start "getting into" the plane/helo... I know, I'm pathetic... ;) :pilotfly::thumbup:



System Specs:

i7 4970K @ 4.8, GTX 1080 SC, 32GB G.Skill DDR 2133,Thermaltake Level 10 Full Tower Case, Noctua NH-D15 6 Cooler, Win 10 Pro, Warthog, CH Pro Pedals, CH Throttle Quadrant, Oculus, 1 32" & 2 19" Monitors




Modules Owned: A-10C I+II, Ka-50, FC3, F-86, Mig-15, Mig21, UH-1H, Mi-8, CA, P-51D, BF-109K-4, FW-190 D-9, Hawk, NTTR, M-2000C, SA342, F-5E, Spit Mk. IX, AJS-37, Normandy, WWII A.P., AV-8B, F/A-18C, L-39, Persian Gulf, Mig-19P, I-16, Super Carrier, F-16, Channel, Syria

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