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  1. night ! was it never mounted on the a10 irl ? they are mounted on the bru-33 on the fa18 and on lau-10 on av8b, a-4, a-1. [lau-68, lau-131] for 7 rockets, lau-68 for 19 rockets for the a-10. is the lau-10 also used to mount it on a10 irl if the case. was it not available on ah-64 at a time as well ? not found informations about that.....
  2. Hi, will we get the chance to get a better flight model and flight control system when the Hornet will leave early access, because I have read from a lot's of real world or ex real world pilots, which flow then Hornet that’s the flight behavior is not correctly and to stable, C.W said it too in his videos that the Hornet is felling it draggy, so it would be great to get a great hand flying experience when flying the Hornet !!!!!
  3. Hi Fellow Pilots, I have been extensively using the interface for StreamDeck that Charles Tytler wrote, to configure my XL unit for the F/A-18C. Granted it is all been for the way my little brain works and obviously 100% personalised for my use. I apologise for asking these questions, but I have medical memory issues and forget easily Seen as I have put so much effort in to this, I thought I would release to all the fellow pilots out there. Before I do though, I just wanted to ask a couple of questions; 1. Do I need to release the customized F/A-18C lua I am using? 2. Do I need to release the clickable data, or is that standard for everyone? 3. Do I just need to release the profile itself with some support documentation, or is there other StreamDeck stuff I need to add? 4. I will obviously credit those others where I have reused the odd icon here or there from other profiles I have downloaded, and will also make available every icon sheet that I have created in Adobe Illustrator *.ai, *.psd *.png 99% of what is contained below is based upon direct interface, rather than keystrokes or combinations of keys, so there is virtually no keys that need to be mapped in DCS itself Here are the screenshots of the profile screens I have created and using, and what I intend to release; As I stated above, almost all the buttons and gauges etc are utilising the direct interface, and not keyboard strokes, so little to no remapping of keys is required to make it functional If someone who could help me with the answers, then I can get this released tomorrow hopefully Thank you Toni aka Ice Rhino
  4. Hello Everyone! This is my first mission submission to the DCS community. My goal was to create a Co-Op multiplayer mission that is challenging but more importantly, a mission that provides some kick-ass fun and also utilize my professional skills as an IT professional in the movie industry. Creating a scenario with a full sense of immersion was one of my goals, and hopefully, it hits the mark?! My brother-in-law and I had a BLAST completing the mission along with two failed attempts. It only makes sense to share this with the community that has helped fulfill my flight dreams and excitement for blowing sh*t up! ********************* Mission Details ********************* Operation: All Enemy Lives Matter v.1 Mission Trailer: It's an early December morning when sirens go off at Mineralnye Vody HQ. Russian forces are scaling an attack on the HQ. Supporting ground troops are engaged and in need of CAS. Mineralnye Vody is on high alert and deploying troops. Suit up and get airborne ASAP! Your task is to provide CAS and standby for the next orders as the attack unfolds. This is a CAS mission where orders drop based on completing the mission objectives. Protecting the base is critical. Multiplayer Co-op (2-4) * Designed for 2 players; includes support for up to 6 players Requirements: A-10C II or F/A-18C Playable Slots 3) A-10C II 3 ) F/A-18C ----- Map: Caucasus Time to Complete Mission: Give yourselves 3-4 hours * Depending on skill level IMPORTANT NOTES: If you wish to change the primary aircraft, Update the Group "Minner A10" Updating this group will keep all mission trigger functional. ** Mission triggers require departing from: Mineralnye Vody HQ ** Built and tested with the latest DCS Beta version: ******************************************************************** Known bugs: There is a moving train that may not appear on the F10 map. The train DOES appear in the game; proceed with objectives. Download it, share it, leave feedback, etc. Most importantly have fun. Have a fantastic flight & go get some! Download link --> https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgSCHMS_bOobhscBBK8JA2GZleR0Ag?e=nJ4CsQ File name: Operation All Enemy Lives Matter_v1.miz The file is too large for the 5MB limit. File hosted on Microsoft OneDrive TechSystm
  5. Join VFG as a Tomcat Pilot or Hornet pilot part of VF-32 or VFA-105! Who we are: At the beginning of 2021 me and two good friends were frustrated when we couldn't find a squadron that was a healthy breed of milsim and fun. So that is why we founded this group! We have a passion for realism, but also want to provide a welcoming experience for players of any skill level in our custom built campaign with custom made skins! Requirements: Discord SRS F-14 or F/A-18 Syria Map Supercarrier 18+ Communication! We have our campaign nights on Sunday 9:30PM EST Training on Friday night 9:00PM EST Stop by our Discord! https://discord.gg/FEaM72AWKY
  6. Hi Hornet pilots, I would like to ask about your oppinion about the Hornet Flight model in the actual version ? I have heard from lemonine that the DCS Hornet is dragy or an another pilot said the DCS Hornet is too unstable and the IRL Hornet would be much more stable, did ED patch it with the time since the release and with the last FCS Update in february last year ? Best reguards
  7. Hi, I am relativly new to DCS World and on the mission 4 I wanted to use the sea radar of the Hornet to search for the vessels together with pod, the problem was I did selected waypoint 1 which is the bullseye too and so with the manipulaction of the pod the coords where changed and no correct bulls eye referencing was possible, is their any way to set the cordinates overwriting of the pod and AG Sea Radar back to the original ooords or have I just to create a new Waypoint and use this, if I not wan't to overwrite the original coords . best reguards
  8. Hi, I just saw the Documentary about the Red October manouver in the 90s with the FA18C and MIG29, Phantom F4 from the German Luftwaffe and at Minute 31:05 you can see the Pilot is attending a vertical manuever with a to low airspeed and he going into a stall where the Hornet is not stable and recovered even with nose down. I tried a very simmilar manouver with the DCS Hornet and with Nose down and the Hornet immidiatly was accelarating and recovered. Could we get an improvement of the stall behavior before the Hornet will leaeve early access ? Best reguards Red October MIG29 vs FA18C:
  9. Hello I've been performing test shots with the AGM-84 SLAM to make them more effective and less vulnerable to short range SAMs such as SA-15,19,8,etc so as we know in DCS if you fly with an altitude at least 24000 feet mentioned SAMs including the HQ7 won't be able to fire at you so the missiles should fly high and fast to prevent the SAM to defend in time however the profile is easy -Launch Altitude :40000 feet (above 25000) -Launch Speed :+mach1 -Weapon setting : { heading : undefined / heading towards target angle : 90 velocity :999 profile :high } Mode : Pre-Planned (specifically coordinated each weapon) , also possible with TOO result : for AGM-84E this setting worked wonderfully and if performed correctly SAM-15,8,19 never been able to take a shot However it's not the same case with AGM-84H SLAM-ER upon delivery of H variant , the missile manages to fly the entered setting until a certain range to target where it starts to descend and ignore terminal parameters this makes them easily shot down by SAMs mentioned above. I understand SLAM is not a SEAD weapon but I'm trying to challenge this weapon and put it into use to it's best there should be a point to use the long range benefit of this weapon , otherwise JDAMs would be enough ============================================================================================================= I will share the track files and tacviews with you : -trk: SLAMSTESTHORNET1 : is AGM-84E test , even though 2/4 targets survived but at least missiles hit their targets without getting shot at | acmi file relative to this track is : AGM-84E1 -trk : SLAMERTESTHORNET : is AGM-84H test , as described above missiles ignored the terminal parameters and got shot at even though they scored kills , | acm file relative to this track is : AGM-84H1 -acmi : AGM-84E2OLD is a tacview file I've saved a long time ago showing a 4/4 kill with excellent profile execution the SA-19 was late enough to respond where the missile went into its face =========================================================================================================== JSOWs also have a similar issue by ignoring their manual profile EDIT : I just realized I've posted this thread on Russian category of DCS world this happened accidentally sorry for this Sincerely - Soby SLAMSTESTHORNET1.trk SLAMERTESTHORNET1.trk AGM-84E2OLD.acmi AGM-84H1.acmi AGM-84E1.acmi
  10. Hello, one of my biggest wishes for the Super Carrier would be a Recovery Tanker without the need for any Setup in Mission Editor. My thought is that this one can be called via the F10 Menu and will be launched from the Carrier, and takes Station like a Racetrack at 6000 feet in the close proximity of the Carrier. Greetings Sky
  11. The Hornet is my go to Aircraft i flew it a lot before the Update and of course after: I noticed that the AOA suddenly goes up between the Ramp and shortly before Impacting on the Deck. It looks strongly like a Ground effect over the Carrier for me. I tried to use different Power settings in close and still this happened a lot and always with the Same LSO Grades: TMRDAR or/and 3PITW and even when I've flown almost a perfect approach this happened and gives me a One or Two Wire. Even though I add power and the Ball on the FLOLS is centered. The 3 Pointes in the Wire doesn't make any sense cause when I fly in the right angle I shouldn't get this and sometimes the Replay and my Buddy's confirmed me that it doesn't look like this either. So I asked my friends if they can try the Hornet as well, and they had all the Same effect happening to them. I Wonder if this is a bug or it should be like this?! Cause I watched a lot of RL Recovery Videos and this doesn't seem to happen there. We tried different Wind and Speed settings of the Carrier: this seemed more prevalent when the Wind is stronger but still happens with less wind and more Speed of the Carrier. The Reason why i think this is du to Ground Effect over the Carrier is: That the Plane feels kind of Floaty, Nose goes Up, AOA goes off even when its trimmed out and power adding is constant. That's all, hope that this is not a issue for a lot of People but i think it is worth to mention. Have a good Day, Greetings Sky
  12. Hallo DCS Freunde, ich bin gerade dabei BVR und WVR und ACM richtig zu lernen und habe mich Heute, mehrere Male erfolglos an der 8 FA18 vs 4 MIG29 vs 4 SU27 Instant Mission versucht und wurde leider immer spätestens nach dem dem 2 Abschuss selbst abgeschossen. Ich habe mir auf das linke MFD (sollte doch bei der Hornet so heißen) immer die SA Page und unten die EW und links natürlich das Radar hingesetzt, meine Technik war eigentlich zuerst nach dem Start der Mission in 3 oder 9 Position zu den MiGs und SU27 zu fliegen und dann meine Wingmänner zum Angreifen zu bringen, leider wurden diese nur relativ schnell selbst ausgeschossen und ich selbst brauche auch immer eine Weile nach dem Radar aufschalten der Gegner für die IFF Prüfung und bekomme auch eher selten das Shot Symbol angezeigt, meistens werde ich dann aus dem nichts abgeschossen ohne das die Gegner mir aufschalten konnte oder sehen konnte. Ist es euch schon gelungen diese Mission zu überstehen und wenn ja was sind eure Techniken was würdest ihr z.B want priorisieren, alle Tipps von Reddit usw. haben bei mir nur geholfen länger zu überleben ? Beste Virtuelle Flieger Grüße
  13. Does anyone know where the files are for radar performance? I have the CJS Super Hornet Mod, and in the .lua file for it, there is a line that reads: ' RADAR = "AN/APG-73" ' I believe this means the .lua finds this radar file to use in the super hornet. Where is the AN/APG-73 file located?
  14. Bueno como saben hago videos y un espectador me recomendó que lo trajera acá, en este video al final comparo el LITENIN del FA18 y el F16, el del F16 resulta tener mejor Zoom, tengo entendido que usan el mismo modelo AN/AAQ-28(V) LITENING por lo tanto sus capacidades deberían ser iguales, queda la opción de que el modelado en el F-16 sea una versión diferente a la del F18, que en la vida real ocurra lo mismo, o que derechamente sea un bug, desconozco al respecto, alguno tiene una idea? debería hacer un tema en el subforo de bugs?
  15. Hallo, ich habe mal eine Frage zum aufschalten eines anderen Flugzeuges per Radar im BVR Luftkampf was dabei Natürlich erheblich zur SA beiträgt. Wenn ich z.B in einer F16 oder FA18 usw. in einer Höhe von 30Kft fliege, höher oder tiefer und der Gegner auch in etwa die selbe Höhe hat und wir z.B eine Entfernung von 50NM haben, warum kann ich mich dann manchmal nicht aufschalten im TWS,RWS und der Gegner schon obwohl beide sich nicht in der Notch befinden sondern beide genau auf Kollisionskurs aufeinander zufliegen. Wo liegt beim Radar der Zusammenhang zwischen der Fluggeschwindigkeit des Bandits und was kann man tun um wieder in der Lage zu sein ihn zu aufzuschalten ? Vielen Dank ich freue mich auf eure Antworten !
  16. I have spent a multitude of hours researching how I can try to edit the avionics and flight model of the CJS Super Hornet. Alas, I have had little to no success. I’m at a loss right now, and I would really appreciate some help. I know little to nothing about coding or computers, so this is all very confusing to me. From all my research, I found that the player flight model for the hornet (also used by the CJS Super Hornet) is a professional flight model. This PFM is a .DLL file and is encrypted. I heard the avionics are also encrypted (probably also in a DLL file [i never found it so I wouldn’t know]). Can someone help? I got DCS for my 15th birthday in July, and I found the Super Hornet a while ago. I just really want to make the flight model more like a Super Hornet. If someone knows how to edit these DLL files(idk if that’s legal. Is it?) please teach me. Or maybe if someone knows how, you could edit it for me I suppose? Maybe a developer could help me, someone with knowledge and authorization? Please, I just really want this. I know the Hornet and Super Hornet are really similar, but I love the little details. I love small changes that make each aircraft different, even if it’s two variants of the same aircraft. I love dogfighting, and I’ve heard of the AoA and slow speed performance of the Super Hornet being even better than the Legacy Hornet. I’d love to experience that. I don’t intend to sell or pirate the DLL files or anything. I know they took years of research and development, and I deeply revere that dedication. I would never steal that work. I’m not trying to pay anyone for this, and I don’t expect someone to help. I’m not entitled to help. However, I just wanted to reach out and see if I can find the right person who wants to help me. All I want is to fly the Super Hornet with my little brother and my friend. Please help, I’m out of ideas. Also, if anyone does help, here are the changes I would love to see: Decreased RCS to around 0.1-0.5 m2 (I think it’s in the .lua but I’ll put it in just to be safe) Increased radar detection range. (The AN/APG-73 did 60nm, but the AN/APG-79 does 80nm; I can detect a plane sooner than Legacy Hornet can) More consistent Radar STT lock (DCS Legacy Hornet loses STT lock a lot; appears to almost be intermittent at times) Increased thrust (to emulate increased subsonic acceleration) Better AoA performance (Legacy Hornet flew at max 35o AoA; Super Hornet allegedly has higher max AoA; 20% better seems like a good estimate) Increased lift (Better slow speed characteristics; more control at low speeds; 20% better seems good) Increased pitch rate (Nose pitches up or down quicker and with more control; maybe 7o faster) Increased survivable G load (requires higher G-force to break wings off airframe) (If I over-explained, I’m sorry. I just don’t know if I used the right aviation terms and want to make sure I’m understood properly)
  17. I was making a custom livery for the F/A-18E Super Hornet (CJS Mod), and I finished the first dds file. When I exported it from GIMP and booted up DCS, it is just rendered as black. It was working before. I would periodically check the skin as I worked on it, but now it won't work. Someone, please help. I worked for at least 30 hours on this.
  18. Does anyone know how to increase the amount of G’s pulled before the wings break on the F/A-18C? I would like to mess around with this and see what’s possible
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