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What do you want to see most in DCS World?


What do you want to see most in DCS World?  

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  1. 1. What do you want to see most in DCS World?

    • 4th generation, multirole fighters
    • Dynamic campaign system
    • New combat theater maps
    • Improved multiplayer with dedicated server and online performance tracking
    • New and improved air traffic control system
    • New and improved effects and audio and visuals
    • More content in the form of missions and campaigns
    • Other. Please list in discussion
    • New helicopters, like attack helos
    • Older era aricraft from WWII to Vietnam

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A Dynamic campaign system please squire...



Just don't go bankrupt over it like the other lot did.

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Scripted campaigns are far more immersive.

With the experience I have so far i would say that in terms of a large scale war the dynamic campaigns are more immersive and realistic than the scripted missions. Other missions with a specific theme like Operation Save Badger or operation Jackal are better as scripted campaigns.

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If i could attach some other desired "feature" to the poll, i would add firefighter features. For example, here in Spain, there are some hueys that are used to sling load water to fight fire's "stealing" water from Rich People with pools filled of water in the middle of the mountain :).


Would be a "different" feature but at least in Spain, the pilots are military.

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DCS : Su-30 SM



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I fail to see the appeal... Scripted campaigns are far more immersive.

I agree only partly with you. Actually I think the best thing would be both. Some hand made and scripted campaigns alongside a dynamic campaign. I am personaly convinced that the last will allow DCS to hold its players' basis and bring new heads for longer.


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I 'd go for development of a proper WW2 combat environment (not just fighter airplanes, but bombers, ground units and a WW2 map)

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Oh god, my face when I saw that Dynamic Campaign was an option on the poll...


So Wags, you are a professional game developer and I'm some guy on the internet but I always felt that a Dynamic Campaign for DCS would work best as a campaign engine that works in a modular fashion.


For example, there are a wide range of aircraft from WW2 birds to jets like the Hornet coming soon but a single campaign that includes all those aircraft would be kind of impractical. So why not have a campaign engine that allows users to select which map they would play on, set up "coalitions" like in the current map editor, enable aircraft/vehicles per side along with some other options.


So, with this setup people can create and share their own dynamic campaigns using the editor. Utilizing all the new maps and aircraft that are on the horizon can lead to all kinds of fantastic dynamic campaigns in many different eras and locales.

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Really tough between 4th gen multi-role fighter and Dynamic Campaign. I had to go with fighter because I want the Hornet (and any other US OR Russian multirole) badly. But a DC is a very close second, ATC and improved comms not far behind those...

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